Ciel X Alois

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"So, Ciel..." Alois said, Ciel noticing that Alois didn't add his last name to the sentence, "Have you ever kissed anyone

"What kind of question is that? Do you even know what you are asking?" Ciel said, turning around. Alois noticed this, and turned around as well. Now the two young Earls were sitting on the hotel room's floor, facing each other. "Well?" Alois insisted.

"That is a question I do not need to answer" Ciel replied.

"In other words, no" Alois said, smirking at Ciel. Ciel sighed, and looked down in defeat.

"Ha? So what? You wanna die without being kissed? What a shame!" Alois said, laughing. Ciel blushed slightly.

"I bet you haven't been kissed either" Ciel said, and Alois stopped laughing. Ciel looked at Alois' eyes, and immediately knew that he had said the right comeback.

"Ne, Ciel. Let's kiss" Alois said out of the blue, looking at Ciel.

"What? What the hell are you asking for!" Ciel had to let his manners go for a second so he could express the shock this request gave him.

"Well, I don't exactly want to die without having that experience. And I don't think you'll kiss anyone in hell, either" he said.

"Who says I don't have offers?" Ciel asked, annoyed.

"Who said you do?" Alois replied.

Ciel stayed silent and looked to his side, not wanting to look at Alois in the eye. He thought he was an idiot because he was considering the offer. But he didn't have time to answer.

Alois tackled him to the floor, laying him down. Alois smirked while positioning himself on top of Ciel, kneeling with his legs separated at both sides of the young Earl Phantomhive.

"What are you-?" Ciel tried to protest, but Alois' lips crashed into his the moment he started talking. He tried resisting, but Alois had pinned him down good. Ciel looked at Alois' closed eyes in embarrassment. It was just a peck on the lips, but Ciel was blushing madly at the facts that he was having his first kiss... and that his first kiss was with a man. He felt Alois smirk into the kiss, and he found out the reason when Alois started moving his lips, turning it into an open mouth kiss. Ciel opened his eyes wider as a reaction, and again tried resisting, but failed for the second time. He, in shame, figured that he might as well... 'enjoy' the moment, so he started moving his lips as well, kissing Alois back.

Alois seemed to notice this, and started pulling Ciel's shirt out of his pants. Then, he started sliding his right hand under Ciel's shirt. Ciel, as reflex, moved his hands to Alois' chest, trying to push him off. Alois seemed to enjoy Ciel's resisting, so he decided to tease Ciel a little more. He let his hand wander more under Ciel's shirt, rubbing his chest. Ciel thought about how Sebastian would tease him if he saw this. "Did you have fun, my Lord?" he would have asked, with a smirk.

Then, he thought that he must've looked pathetic giving in to Alois. He also felt pathetic for letting him have his way.

Alois, yet again, decided to tease Ciel. He removed his hand from Ciel's chest and took it out of his shirt, only to pull away from the kiss. Ciel opened his eyes to find Alois smirking at him. Ciel could only blush.

"Get off of me" he said in a low tone.

"Oh? But I'm not finished yet" Alois said, going down to kiss Ciel's neck.

"Alois!" Ciel demanded, but he knew Alois wasn't going to listen to him. Still, he pushed Alois' chest, but couldn't get him to get off. Then, he tried pushing his arms; no luck either. He felt really useless and weak under Alois' grasp, and he was ashamed of himself for that. Alois pulled back to look at the blushing Ciel that was pinned under his body. He, then, started unbuttoning Ciel's shirt.