A Write To Ride

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Dedicated it to my father William 'Bill' Ricci 1942-2007

A Write To Ride

I've been riding motorcycles since I was five,

Pickup trucks and tractors since the age of ten.

The state said,"She needs a valid driver's liscence!"

Daddy just laughed, shook his head and said,"Yah~since when?"

One thing Daddy didn't count on,

Years ago, when he taught me to ride.

'The apple don't fall far from the tree.'

~Just like him, I have a wild side.

Through my adolescent years,

I got to know the town cops well.

Sometimes a warning or two, here and there,

Sometimes, hundred dollar bail, or- a cell!

So, here's alittle story,

Of a day, I followed my wild heart.

Threw on my cutoff jeans and T-shirt,

Grabbed my dirt-bike, and jumped the kick-start.

Down the hill and through the fields,

Past the tree where sunflowers grow.

Onto the trail where I often ride,

To a place of butterflies, I know.

As the wind tickles my face;

With the motor's gallop song.

On impulse I change my path,

Going where I don't belong.

Although, Daddy warned

~A thousand, plus times;

"Tammy Jo, don't cross that highway!"

I know it's those hills, I MUST climb.

Now, I have broken these rules,

Many times, I must admit.

To get to that swimming hole,

This time..they'll be no regret!

I shift into fourth,

Approaching the highway looks clear.

Like a bat out of moses I ride,

Hey, speed always chases away fear!

I blow through the county road,

Fueled with an Evel Knievel soul.

Suddenly, I hear cherry sirens,

Look back, and laugh at whose on patrol!

The town sheriff, I know him quite well.

Around here, we call him 'Captain Big Gun'.

Back in the day, he chased Daddy.

Dad always said,"He's to fat to run!"

I jump over the creek bed,

~and he splashes across.

This time he's out for blood,

Just to prove he's the boss.

On my tail he rides me close,

It's time for a master plan.

On a hill I slow to an idle stop,

~and out of the squad rolls the fat man.

As he comes panting up the hill,

I try to look innocent and smile.

Then he slides face down in the mud,

Cursing my family's name all the while!

Entertained, I stay put,

Watching the egg try and climb.

As he sweats and grunts his way to the top,

I ask with a shrug,"Sheriff, what's the crime?"

Whose he kidding with those cuffs?

Does he really think I'd give in?

He hollers,"Turn it off, and drop that bike!"

"Not today!" I smirk, wink and grin.

" you see, I'm already in to deep!

I might as well take a quick ride.

Sheriff, if you can catch me~

Then kindly, I'll sure abide."

On that note I opened throttle,

I never seen that much mud spray!

I gave a 'come and get me smile',

He ate my dirt, as I sped away!

Down the hill like Humpty he went,

Must have been gravities toll.

Now, I really would have stayed to help,

~but I had summer callin', and a sweet smoke to roll!



Kicked back out by that swimming hole,

Watching the sun fade away;

I took another toke to savor,

~and decided to call it a day.

Then I thought of my options,

Dusting the sand to go home.

The moon and a campfire?

Or-a jail cell all alone?


Later that night I remember thinking,

While I warmed my young bones by the fire.

One day, I'll race motorcycles!!

Nah. I'd rather be a writer.

Now, I sure do LOVE fast bikes,

~and I know, I can ride like hell!

But who needs 'life in the fast lane',

When ya got all these stories to tell...


+Miss you, Dad!

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