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1. Murder Cases At Inwang Mountain

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Thump... Boom...

The dreary noise coming from the underground rhythmically thundered as though it was a steady heartbeat.
Slowly but surely, the thumping shrouded the city, transforming it into an ominous abyss disguised as a gigantic pulsating heart.
Just then, the dark, bottomless chasm produced an enormous ball and sent it flying towards him.
I can't breathe...


Zeha woke up with a start, gasping for air.

He breathed heavily as he stared at the ceiling with wide eyes.
It was white and unfamiliar.

"What the..."

Zeha didn't need to look around to know where he was. The smell of chemicals assaulting his senses was enough for him to tell.

"The hospital...? What am I doing here...?"

Just as he grew aware of his surroundings, a sudden intense pain shot through his body.


Zeha immediately withdrew his hand and brought it up to his chest. It was at that moment that he felt the bandage tightly wrapped around it.
The pain was coming from there. Just then, Zeha couldn't help but recall the heart. He frowned, unsure how it was relevant to his current plight.

I think I dreamt about a heart...

While he couldn't remember the dream in detail no matter how hard he tried, Zeha knew that it was far from a pleasant one.
He recalled being chased by an ominous darkness, which eventually caught up to him and coiled itself around his heart as though it was a python strangling its prey.
Zeha closed his eyes as he squeezed his hand against his chest and willed the pain away.

What happened? What am I doing in the hospital...? What is this pain that I'm feeling? When did I even get hurt?

Zeha couldn't remember anything, no matter how hard he tried to. It was almost as if someone had forced their hand into his brain and messed with it.

Just as Zeha was struggling to comprehend how he had ended up in such a state, a sharp pain shot through his temple.


Zeha doubled over and groaned in agony. The pain felt like it went on for eternity before it eventually subsided.

What's wrong with me?

He couldn't understand anything that was happening to him.
Just then, Zeha remembered encountering a suspicious man while leaving his home.
"Don't you want to know how and why your parents died?"

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