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guess who is getting drunk again even tho they're severely hungover;)) couldn't be me

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guess who is getting drunk again even tho they're severely hungover;)) couldn't be me


Aim.e.e yeah, couldn't be you 🙄

^ m000000n I've never drank alcohol in my
life *wink wink*

^ ^ Aim.e.e you can't wink moony,
especially not when you're

^^^ m000000n BITCH MY FBI AGENT

posted 4th June at 11:47pm

Thursday June 5th, 10:04am, 73rd floor apartment, NYC

"Aimee! Wake up! You've got work and it's 10!"

"What? Work starts at 8 moo, I'm.. I'm two hours late! Shit!"

Aimee shouted a long string of curse words while Moon laughed and took some Advil.

"Shhh! Hungover.."

"I start my new job today! Get out of that door and start the car right now Moony!"

"We don't have a car Ames"

"Oh.. right."

The jobless blonde handed her friend a pair of running shoes and put her black heeled boots into a plastic bag.

Aimee took the bag and ran out the door and into the elevator, leaving her friend to stay at home another day.

Aimee was 19 and graduated high school a year ago, Moon was still 17 and was on her spring break. She still had a couple weeks of summer school until she'd graduate.

The two became friends as Moon used to be friends with Aimee younger sister, Aya, who died of cancer when she was eight. Aya and Moon were friends for 5 years before that, meaning that she'd known Aimee for just as long.

The two moved in together when Aimee turned 16. Moon had been in and out of foster homes her whole life, but ran away to live with Aimee was she was 14. They were as close as sisters and almost inseparable.

Moon decided to go shopping by herself, not that she had money but she wouldn't need money. The blonde did have a habit of stealing and often said that she "needs a sugar daddy".

The girl wore dark blue baggy jeans that rested on her hips, a red crop top and a black leather jacket

She pulled on some black platform trainers, put on simple jewellery and grabbed her bag.

Moon walked into the elevator and pressed the button, only once she walked out of the building did she realise that she left her key in her room.

Deciding to walk to the shops as she didn't have her skateboard either, she started walking down the street.

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