Chapter 1

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Her small hands gently curled around her cup of coffee, the warmth radiating through her palms. A small shiver ran down her spine as the warmth of her body mingled with the cold air. Outside the quaint coffee shop the trees were shedding their leaves and painting the sidewalk in bold oranges, dark browns, and vibrant reds. The sky was a soft gray blanket threatening rain. Her eyes grazed over the picturesque autumn scene, she acknowledged the hollow feeling in her chest. The feeling rose from her lungs, leaving her lips in the shape of a small sigh.

She watched longingly as couples in the street walked by, huddled together in their heavy coats as they got lost in the mountains of fabric and lost in their conversations. Cuffing season was upon them, couples embracing each other for the holidays. She thought of people cozy by the fire and preparing for Thanksgiving and couples laughing as they argue over where the ornaments go on the tree. The smell of fresh sugar cookies and frosting being spread onto each other's faces. She just couldn't imagine herself getting cuffed but the idea of having a picture perfect holiday was a nice fantasy. Just as she drifted off into her thoughts, the phone buzzed loudly against the wooden table. Work. She ignored it and dove deep into her pool of thoughts but was unsuccessful as the buzzing continued.

"Yes, Chelsea?" She said as she sighed.

"Hey, I know you're probably busy right now but we really need you at the office. I hate to be a bother but Hass just messed up again and now we might have lost the big account." The soft feminine voice on the other line answered frantically.

"I'll be right there. Tell Hass if he messes up again, he's out of here."

She shoved her things hastily into her Louis Vuitton backpack and stepped out of the coffee shop, her heeled footsteps followed by the cute chime of the bell on the door. Her driver, a tall and round man, pulled the car around and rushed to open the door for her.

"Leaving already, Ms. Ly?" Huber said, mustache dancing with each word he spoke.

"Duty calls." She said, smiling and rolling her eyes before getting into the black Mercedes. She sat back in her seat and watched the world rush by her window.

As she stepped through the frosted doors of her consulting company, Chelsea greeted her at the entrance of the office. She was a petite woman, stacking up about 5'0" in heels. Her hair was worn in a tight bun, looking like a ball of golden silk thread. Chelsea's eyes were large baby blue gumdrops but no one could tell since they were always looking at the ground. In her heels, Indigo towered over Chelsea at a whole 5'3". Indigo was a petite woman with a slim thick figure, a juxtaposition to Chelsea's thin and bird like frame. Indigo filled out her striped pantsuit well. Her long black hair was tucked away neatly in a tight bun. Indigo's brown eyes met Chelsea's with annoyance.

"Indigo, before you go in there I should warn you-" she said through tight lips.

"Chelsea, I'm sure that there is nothing to worry about. Hass is the one who should be worried."

As Indigo stepped into her office, there was a man looking out her window. The soft 12PM light hugged his silhouette. He had broad shoulders and soft curls that lay tousled on his head.

"Mr. Stryder, I'm presuming." Indigo said, making long strides towards her desk before settling into her throne-like office chair.

"That would be correct. You can call me Axel." He said coolly, eyes still fixed on the 47th story view.

"Axel. Please, have a seat." She replied.

As he sat down in the chair, she took in his stature and began to size him up. He was a 5'8'' toned man. His jawline was square and sharp, outlining his proportional face coupled with deep brown eyes and thick, full eyebrows. His nose was strong and straight. All topped off with smouldering soft pink lips. He was pretty to look at but something about his posture said "slacker". If it's one thing Indigo couldn't stand, it was lazy people.

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