Chapter 2: Mr. Grim Reaper's Damned Handsomeness

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"Xu ge, you know him?"

"His advertisements are all over the street, you can try asking the entire country for anyone who doesn't know who the Film Emperor Ji Xiunian is?"

"That's true." Xie An nodded in admittance. Even he had watched Ji Xiunian's latest movie not too long ago. "I just finished looking over the files that HQ sent over. Seems like this person is really quite difficult..."

Lu Xu took the documents from Xie An, pulled out the chair beside him, and sat in it as he flipped through them. "Is that so?"

Xie An nodded. "Yeah. Think about it. He should have died 1800 times by now, but he's still living so well. Doesn't that mean there's a problem with him?"

From the looks of the files, to say that Ji Xiunian should have died 1800 times by now was really no exaggeration.

"Falling down the stairs at 1 year of age, getting kidnapped when he was 5, car accident when he was 10, wire accident when he was 20..." It could be said that for Ji Xiunian to have survived until now, it must have been incredibly difficult.

"This brother is a little bit too miserable." Lu Xu had seen all kinds of anomalies, and even he thought that Ji Xiunian being alive was a miracle in and of itself.

"That's right, that's right. He was supposed to have reported to our bureau when he was 1 years old, but he's still living well right now. And we don't know what method he used to hide from the heavens," Xie An said.

Lu Xu flipped through the documents, but didn't see a result of the investigation either. He raised his gaze to look at Xie An. "So he borrowed a life or what?"

Humans were greedy for life. Some could accept their fate calmly, but others wanted to defy it.

Lu Xu had handled quite a few situations like this, he just didn't know what methods Ji Xiunian had used.

"That's why I was urgently asking you to come back," Xie An said, tapping his head in frustration as he continued, "The files in the archives from 20 years ago were destroyed by someone, they discovered this giant bug called Ji Xiunian when they were tidying it up recently..."

"Didn't they send people to investigate?"

"They did, but none of them investigated anything."


Logically speaking, the capability of their bureau was quite decent, it didn't make sense for such a long investigation to not yield results.

Xie An naturally knew what Lu Xu was thinking about, and had to suppress his laughter as he said, "We sent three colleagues over, but in the end all three of them became his fans. One of them even became a fansite master..."

"What the hell?" Lu Xu thought it was pretty funny upon hearing that. "Don't tell me this Ji Xiunian knows some kind of spell?"

In the photo, Ji Xiunian's looks were outstanding. His eyes were as clear as jade, and made people feel goodwill without even realising it.

Xie An regained his senses and shook his head. "Doesn't look like it, but in a case like this, it's hard to say. HQ's hypothesis is that he could be a saint in his previous life, or he could be using some secret, horrible method to prolong his life. As for what the reason actually is, it's up to you to find out, Xu ge."

Lu Xu put away the files and nodded, showing that he understood.

While the two of them were talking, the orange cat had made its way to the corner of the room, where it sat by its auto-feeder munching away on cat food. Before Lu Xu arrived, Xie An had added some cat food for the orange cat and in the blink of an eye, half of the cat food was already eaten.

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