Chapter Two

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''Nee (Y/n)-chan! Let's go!'' Hinata said while watching the girl put her jacket on.
''Yes yes, by the way did you hear from Michi-kun at all today? It is already 16 o'clock and I haven't gotten any answer from him.'' The shorter girl took out her phone to look through the messages, but sadly found nothing and shook her head.
''Nevermind, he probably is busy with the rest of the group...''
''I just hope he isn't in some trouble, usually I wouldn't worry if you are with him.'' The two girls rolled their eyes and giggled, remembering his antics. They got out of Hinata's apartment and walked towards the mall, chatting about the usual school gossip.
''(Y/n)-chan, did you hear that a third year is planning on asking you on a date?'' Hinata asked in excitement, causing the girl to shake her head, a small blush visible on her face.
''N-no...I really tune out those things, I have already school and my job on my plate. Really those new aren't important to me for now... But do you know who it is at least?'' Hinata paused for a moment before nodding her head with a smile.
''Yes! Tanaka Kaito! You know him, right?'' (Y/n)'s eyes widened at the name, he was quite famous in school, being good looking and the captain of the school's football team he made a name for himself. So why was he interested in her of all people, she was just  (Y/n), no matter it's not like she planned to agree on a date with him anyways.
''(Y/n)...(Y/n)...are you listening?!'' Hinata calling her name and shaking her by the shoulders is what woke her up from her thoughts. Shaking her head, (Y/n) smiled and pulled Hinata by her hand towards the mall entrance.
''Sorry I was spacing out, what was it that you were saying?''
''Do you plan on saying yes? After all he is very popular.''
''Hmmm probably not. School and work are already draining me, a relationship isn't the best idea now.'' Hinata nodded her head at (Y/n)'s words, understanding where she was coming from. She looked around the mall and her eyes lit up as she noticed a clothing store, smiling she pulled her along.
''(Y/n)-chan come on!''
''Yes yes, don't pull...''
Once inside, the girl's looked around for the gift Hinata was searching for Takemichi.
''Hmmm we can split up and search for it, it will be faster.'' Hinata suggested, worried that the sweater might be gone. Nodding in agreement, (Y/n) went a seperate direction, trying to find the item as soon as possible.
'So it was a red sweater, this here is the jeans section...maybe over there?' Walking over, she searched again, but without any luck. Now she was growing worried if it might got sold out, and she didn't want to see Hinata disappointed.
''Excuse me, do you have this sweater in green maybe?'' At those words, (Y/n) quickly turned her head to where the voice was coming from. A boy with green eyes, a choppy undercut and blond/black hair was holding just the item she was looking for the whole time.
''We are sorry sir, but that is the only color available for now.'' The employee said and left the boy pouting and looking at the item.
''It isn't that bad...hmm...''
'Maybe I can ask him where he found it!' Grinning, (Y/n) walked over to the boy,trying to get this over with soon.
'Please I just want to eat...'
''Excuse me, can I ask you where you found that sweater? I have been searching  for it for the past ten minutes...'' The boy sighed, seeming frustrated himself and turend to face (Y/n).
''I found it somewhere in the back, but it doesn't matter this was the last on-'' The boy stopped talking as he looked over the girl's figure. A blush appeared on his face and he cleared his throat, trying to calm himself down.
''Ohh... Well thank you anyways, I will try to find something else...'' (Y/n) said, disappointed that the item already was sold out and started walking away.
'Shit...sorry Hinata...maybe we can find something else-'
''N-no wait! You can have this one!'' The  boy said loudly and grabbed her by the shoulder. Realizing what he just did, the faux blond boy quickly let her go and started laughing nervously, while (Y/n) was looking at him in confusion.
''W-what I meant was...Umm you can have this one! You seem to want it more than I do anyways...'' The boy said, pushing the item into her hands. (Y/n) looked at the piece of clothing in her hands before turning her attention the boy, who was scarlet by now.
'Her eyes are very pretty...'
''Are you sure? I can find something else-'' He quickly shook his head and moved away a little.
''N-no, I didn't like the color anyways. You seem to want it more than me too.'' (Y/n) smiled greatfully and bowed.
''Thank you! This means a lot...umm...'' She stopped, not knowing what to calll the boy, who quickly took the hint and added ''Chifuyu...Chifuyu Matsuno.''
''Thank you Chifuyu-san! My name is (L/n) (Y/n) by the way.''
''Ahh nothing to thank me (L/n)-san, hope whoever is receiving the gift will like it.'' Chifuyu added, feeling his heart clench at the thought of her dating.
'It is not like I will see her again...but I really want to!' Sighing, they both said their farewell, Chifuyu walking back to where his friend was and (Y/n) to where Hinata was.
'Hmmm (Y/n)...I could have sworn I heard that name somewhere...' Chifuyu thought, only to be interrupted by his friend's voice.
''Hey Chifuyu! Where is that sweater you wanted to buy?'' The black haired boy asked, inspecting his friend's empty hands.
''Hmm oh Baji-san, I gave it to someone else, she wanted the red one and I didn't.'' The taller male nodded and put the clothing item he was holding away.
''Anyways,let's go. We have a meeting later tonight-Hey why are you so out of it?'' Baji asked, noticing how Chifuyu was out of it.
''Ahh I was just thinking... Have you heard of (L/n) (Y/n)? I feel like I did, but I don't know from where...'' Baji's eyes widened as he heard the name, stopping Chifuyu in his tracks.
''Yeah, I did. She goes to Mizo middle as far as I know,she is very popular among the boys for her looks,even some girls like her. She also is among the top 1% of students who ace the final exams every year.'' Chifuyu nodded, understanding the attraction they had.
'I understand why, she is beautiful and smart...she also seems like a kind person...Shit why didn't I talk to her more?!'
''But, I also heard she beat two Valhalla gang members a few weeks ago, I don't know what the exact reason was, but one of the devision members said they tried to harass a friend of hers.'' Baji said, sounding interested in the girl himself.
''Why the sudden interest?'' He asked Chifuyu, eyeing the boy, who just gulped and shook his head.
''No...No reason! I just heard a few girls say her name and grew curious.''Nodding the taller left it at that and they both walked out of the mall.
'I can't tell him I met her! As much as I respect Baji-san...I don't want them to meet,ever.  I need to find a way to see her again...somehow...'

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