All of Me

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Look at me.

What do you see?

Examine the surface of my bare flesh, as the candle dances upon my shoulders.

Each curve has been crafted for your admiration.

Let me watch, as you write your poetry upon my body with your fingertips.

Comb thro' my tresses, and let your hands get lost within the silk.

Hold the length close to your whisper, and inhale the scent of fresh rain that embodies my mane.

Remember this perfume, my love, as I shall always remember the moments which you breathe me in.

Search for my readiness within the indigo fire of my eyes, while I look up, and into you.

Swim in my ocean, and lose yourself in my untamed storms.

Seek your tranquility thro' the seduction of my spirit.

Trace the outline of my lips.

Without words, they submit invitation;

These are the soft petals which whisper your name;

The gates which open to accept you

-To taste you.

Your mouth harbors the master key to enter this sanctuary.

Unlock my arbor, my angel, and drink from my blossom kiss.

Raise my arms high, to play in the night-sky.

Take possession of my wrists, within your clasp-

Only to surrender me to your full exploration.

Lay me before you.

Gaze upon my positions.

Thro' the windows of your perception, is where I feel most beautiful.

Allow my naked feet to rest upon your shoulders.

Let your nails slowly rain down my offered thighs.

Dwell within my erogenous temple, as I reveal my hidden secrets.

Feel me, as I lift and press against your touch.

Persuade me to dance to the rhythm of lovers.


I will release your name upon the rising tides of my breath.

Look at me-

I beckon to now. Come to me.

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