Her Legacy

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Rimuru pov:

Today is the day where azusa and the twins will heading toward Yunagoni empire with Ligeia and her subordinates, however majority of my subordinates rejected this idea since only three of them will go, but after some persuasion they somewhat agree

But before i let azusa and my daughters go, i need to at least guarantee their safety, it won't matter if yunagoni got destroyed as long as my family is safe, with that in mind i called my daughters right before they leave

"What's wrong papa?" Falfa asked

"Hm...since you guys will be exposed to the energy of ivaraj's remnants, papa will cast a magic to you guys, now turn around" i said gently

With both of my daughters back facing me, i slowly put my palm in their back and cast a magic that ciel has formulated


"Hold on, just a little more"

After about 3 minutes, it's finally done, i take my hands off leaving a pentagram like tattoo behind their back

"It's finish, you can go now" i said while patting them

""Un! Thank you very much papa!"" Both of my daughters said while kissing both side of cheeks

"Protect mama for me okay?" I whispered to them

"Please do not worry papa" shalsha replied

And just like that i saw them off with the carriage, but seriously i don't even know what effect the magic i cast om them will cause since this is entirely ciel idea

<The magic will triggered as soon as the twins come in contact with ivaraj evil energy and will automatically absorb them and seal it into the twins body>

Is that so? Well, if ciel said so i have nothing to worry about then, since i have complete faith in my partner after all

<Correction. First wife>

Yeah yeah, As long as you happy


A week has passed since then, i already appointed testarossa as our representative to the western council, and now i and hinata is observing my students match with hakurou

"She is so young yet so strong" hinata mutter while her gaze is fixed on chloe

"Well, that's what we called talent i guess" bullshit, i know well that this is because chloe has slowly regaining her memories from her previous life

"Anyway has you arrange for the concert? Ruminas-sama has been pestering me about it"

"Yeah, i already inform takt band that we will be going to Ruberios"

"Is that so? Well, since this is a big project i will have our holy knights escort you"

Hearing our conversation, the kids immediately rush in to me and asked if it's okay for them to tag along, for me who is known as generous ruler of course allow them

"You are surprisingly soft to these kids rimuru" hinata said

"Well....this is the responsibility that shizu-san passed down to me.."  while saying this i can't help but remember our farewell with shizu-san

I know that by now shizu-san may have been reincarnated into somewhere, but nevertheless in some corner of my heart i wish that shizu-san would be able to see this, it's weird...other than my family and my subordinates, shizu-san is the only person who can shaken my emotion to this extent

Even though both of our meeting is only for short amount of time, she is still someone precious to me


Do you worry about me ciel? I'm fine you know, i just reminiscing my beautiful yet painful memories

"Ho? I don't know you can make such expression, what's wrong?" Hinata who noticed my unusual expression asked me

"Hm? Ah, sorry, i just lost in thought"

"...is it because of shizu-sensei? Is she that precious to you?"

"You caught me, and yes, she is someone who is very precious to me.."

"........is that so? Well let it go already, she's already gone"

Is it just me or hinata sound kinda sad at her first sentence? If what i'm thinking is true...this is really troublesome

"Do you jealous? Don't worry you are shizu-san students, which mean you are my responsibility as well" i said while looking at her like she is my student too

".....whatever get ready, we will heading out soon"

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