Luna Love- MLP Fanfic

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Chapter One:

Taking a walk around Canterlot, Luna was ignoring everypony's disapproving, judgemental stares. Ever since she had come back from the moon as Nightmare Moon and was returned to her normal self, ponies either cowered, screamed, or give her dirty looks. She had grown used to it, though, it hurt her feelings. The only few ponies who treated her normal, (normal for a princess that is), were Celestia, the royal guards, and Twilight Sparkle.

Walking over to a park bench, she daydreamed. She missed when she and her sister would play a fillies. As silly as it may sound, she still wanted somepony to play with. Somepony to goof around with, to be herself. She wanted a friend. An idea struck her, 'Ill go visit Twilight! She's always supportive.'

As usual, landing in Ponyville, she sent pony cowering under tables and benches, (including Pinkie Pie).

"You still got it Luna. You sure know how to clear a crowd," she muttered to herself. Walking up to Twilight's tree/house/library, Luna tapped lightly on her door. Any other pony would have not heard it or seen who it was and pretended that they weren't home while they hid under the couch. Twilight on the other hoof, warmly welcomed Luna in and opened her home to her. Luna felt very grateful for Twilight's friendship.

After they talked for awhile, Luna asked, "Would you like to go see a movie or get lunch Twilight?"

"I'd love to!" Luna's heart rose, "Only, I have a LOT of work to do," Luna's heart sunk, "I have to write three reports and read twelve books by the end of this week for Princess Celestia. I'm just glad she was kind enough to cut me some slack this week! Last week was terrible..."

Not knowing what else to do with the rest of her day, she just flew gracefully above Ponyville looking at all the ponies going about their daily business and sight seeing. She saw many acres of apple trees and decided to rest in to cool grass and shade from the strong tree branches and leaves.

She must have dozed off because she was woke suddenly to a loud thumping. Looking in the direction it was coming from, she saw a big, red stallion bucking apples near by. He was very strong and fit. His untidy orange hair falling in front of his eyes every so often. A big green half an apple was his cutie mark. He was obviously an Apple family member, related to Applejack who defeated Nightmare Moon. She didn't want to be seen, thinking he was going to react the way everypony else does, and hid in an apple tree. He slowly made his way over to the tree she was concealed in and gave the tree a good kick. Luna was slipping. Hooves and balancing in tree branches don't mix. He gave the tree another good kick. Luna tumbled out of the tree, and onto the stallion's back. He sank a little under her unexpected weight, but not much. She could feel his hard muscles rippling beneath her. He turned and looked at Luna, who was still on his back.

"H-Hello," Luna began. He said nothing and just stared, "I'm sorry, I just dozed off in your orchard here. It's so peaceful and quiet. Beautiful, really." He still said nothing. "Your not mad at me are you? I didn't mean to fall asleep..."

"Nnoope," he finally spoke.

"Oh! That's good. Well, I'll just be going no-OW!" Luna yelped as she slid off of the stallion's back. She had sprained her left wing and ankle from landing funny on it. Without a word, the stallion put his head under her rib cage and slid he back onto his back. She felt kind of silly, but she appreciated his kindness. Since she could neither walk or fly, she lay there as if getting a ride from a big brother. (Well, he was a younger, big brother who was actually currently older than Luna in her physical state but she is thousands of years old. Yeah, it's confusing....)

After at least ten minuets of of walking, they arrived at a very cozy looking barn fixed up to be a house as well. The stallion nudged the double door open. Inside had all sorts of warm colors, (unlike the palace), and smelled of apple pie.