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As most of you may/may not know the Wattpad challange for #NoMoreBullying was to squeeze everything in 90 words. What's left out of the 90 words though is just so so much and I know most of you are probably thinking, "that's why it's called a challange" but I do want to stress how important this cause is without a word limit and why it means so much to me.

So to start off, I guess I should probably reveal to all you readers my story. It's not the saddest or by far the most interesting but its the main reason why I was so compelled to take part in this challange and spread the word. 

It started when I was a six year old girl with big dreams of becoming a movie star. I'd finally moved on from the, "I-Wannabe-A-Princess" phase and had set my sights onto Hollywood. So I did the best that I could and for a smalltown girl, landing a gig as an extra for an upcoming film staring actress Dakota Fanning was pretty huge.

So yeah, maybe I bragged a little, but come on... it was pretty cool, I'd only have to go to school one day a week and spend the rest of my time on a movie set. But I didn't think that my happiness would come at such a big cost. 

So one day when I came to school for that week I was in the principles office because according to her, my best friend - who we will call Bertrum - had made claims that I had been physically abusing her. When this had happened seeing as though I was only there 1 out 5 days confused me, but the prinicple believed her and not me. Then, in front of the whole class the principle said that I was violent and no longer allowed to play Bertrum. So you can imagine for the rest of the year I had no friends and was constantly teased because people thought I was a bad person.

What I learnt from my experience was that people get jealous and find any excuse they can to hate on a person which is basically all that bullying is about. When you get bullied by someone that person is either dying inside because they want to be like you, or they're so inwardly spiteful they'll use any reason they can to hate on you.

HATERS GON HATE! And never forget that, no matter where you go in life people will always hate on you. All you have to remember is to just ignore the haters and as unnerving as it seems, tell someone you trust what's going on or what's happening. Talking and Venting to people is what has saved my life on more then one occasion. 

I guess, the reason that #NoMoreBullying is so important to me because with the technology of the modern day there are more ways that a person can be bullied then ever before and we as a young generation have the power to stop this from becoming any worse than it already is. 

Change starts with you, so remember that no matter how much you want to write terrible comments about a person or inbox them telling them how annoying and ugly they are even if you think they don't care - they do. Once you put it out there you can NEVER take it back, always be mindful of this. 

Remember when you've hit rock bottom there's nowehere else to go but up :)

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