Chapter 1

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"(Y/n), you may come in now."

You opened the door and set foot into the Commander's office. You made a salute and took a seat.

"Looks like you made the highest score of your instructor's group. With that being said, I know exactly where to place you." Erwin, looking at your paper file, stated enthusiastically.

"Place me?"

"Yes, place you," he replied. "Congratulations (F/n) (L/n). You will be in captain Levi's squad!"

You were in a shock after hearing what he had just said. 'I could have never made it into the elites.'
"There must be a mistake, there is other cadets who would have done better than me," you said.

"Oh, there is no mistake alright." He smiled.

"But Commander Erwin, I don't think-" you were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"What is it?" he asked.

The door behind you slightly opened to reveal a man that worked for the military police. "The carriage for miss (L/n) is here."

"Alright, she will be out there in just a minute."

You faced the Commander and simply agreed.

"(Y/n), the carriage will take you to meet your squad members, but I doubt you will be able to meet up with Levi. He's pretty busy. However, one of my assistants will take you around the building and show you your room. Understood?"

"Understood sir," you replied as you made a quick salute and left his office.

You headed out in slight excitement to the main gate and there was your carriage waiting for your arrival.

You stepped in, and in no time at all you arrived there.

Erwin's assistant helped you get down and lead you to the mess hall. Everyone was looking at you and whispering at each other, but you really didn't seem to care.

Both of you took a small tour around the building, and your host finally showed you your room.

His assistant left you after your squad members entered the room, except your captain. You had heard he was the strongest living solider, which made you get even more excited. Well, it was mainly because you have never seen what he acts like or what he looks like. You couldn't wait to finally meet him.

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