2 - Conflict With My Sister

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Lucrezia decided to teach her sister manners while she waited for her father to find her a new husband.

Although she made her social debut, she was still 16 years old and still in the prime of her life.

It could be said that her attitude was childish.

Moreover, since her father was spoiling her, she was neglecting her education for ladies.

Her manners and conversations left countless bad habits to fix.

Lucrezia, who had received a strict education, saw her more conspicuously and sloppy.

—To get engaged to Mr. Falco, she will be humiliated.

Lucrezia was doing her best to help her sister with sincerity, but it didn't seem to reach her sister at all.

"...Rosa. Don't talk back and say 'So what?' when you talk. You have to say, 'Great' or 'Okay.'"

During a tea time when she visited an acquaintance's house with her family,

Lucrezia whispered into her ear with the right words from the side and distorted her lovely appearance to make an annoying astringent face.

Reluctantly, Rosa defiantly sneered at Lucrezia.

"Elder sister, aren't you upset that you lost Falco? That's why you're stingy about my manners, isn't it?

No one cares if you are cute and have a good personality and make a mistake!"

Lucrezia was annoyed because her sister pretended to be proud of him.

"Not really. I'm worried about you."

"I have nothing to worry about!"

At this rate, when Lucrezia said something, she immediately refuted it and refused to look back on herself.

Her father used to praise her sister for comparing her with 'Her sister's great. Lucrezia's no good.' and now she had completely misunderstood him as saying, 'I am definitely better than my sister.'

—Though she used to be so pretty, saying 'Sister, sister.'

Lucrezia was heartbroken by grief.

"Why don't you worry about yourself before you complain about my language?

You're always making mistakes too!"

She nudged the corner of the table, rebutting a mistake for days and months.

"While I made one mistake, you make one hundred mistakes."

"No way! I read five books a month!"

Lucrezia was often looked at with laughter by her sister, who said she was 'dull.'

"...In any case, is it the romance novels that are all the rage?"


I guess I was right.

Lucrezia patiently began to preach that she should educate her sister.

"Romance novels have many noblemen, but those novels are written by ordinary people.

They're people who have never seen nobility before.

What will you do if you are a royal family member and learn manners from the commoners?"

"Oh, you've never read it, don't talk like you know it! And I watch opera a lot!"

"Even your favourite opera plays are not from the aristocracy. Is it okay to be like 'townsmen aristocrats'?"

Lucrezia sighed, citing the name of a humorous play in which the upstart ridiculed the aristocracy.

Her younger sister had a big mouth, so she quibbled and didn't listen to Lucrezia.

She turned to her impertinent sister, trying to get her to talk to her.

"Good news, Rosa. Don't take the contents of romance novels for granted.

I've been trained to be the Marshal's wife, and you can only believe what I say is true."

"Whoa, whoa! It is a very formal and mouldy way of doing what my sister does. Stop insulting Falco about his mistakes!"

"I didn't say that, I said Falco is not yet qualified to attend the official reception.

Like you, he's still a developing man. You lie as if you've seen it. Don't take Falco at his word."

"Why? Even if I make a mistake everyone will listen to a Duchess!"

Rosa at last burst into hysteria and beat the table violently.

People's attention was drawn unnaturally.

"Oh, you accidentally hit your hand. Did it hurt?"

She took Rosa by the hand and, pretending to see her, whispered frantically into her ear.

"...Rosa, no matter how angry a lady may be, she must not strike.

What kind of rumours can it make?"

Rosa was only getting more and more enraged and wouldn't listen.

"I don't want my sister to say that to me! My dad always says that!

Sister is a defective product, so it's embarrassing to keep her as Falco's fiancée!

He said he was relieved for me! What do you think? Sister can you still say something about my etiquette!?"

Lucrezia laughed calmly, trying to calm Rosa as much as she could.

"...I know how you feel, but I still think education is the real love. This is the test."

"You don't know anything. I hate you! Go away!"

Rosa yelled as if she was an eight-year-old.

Lucrezia's heart was pained by her unseemly behaviour on her social debut.

The ladies at the tea ceremony were also watching us from behind their fans.

I wanted to continue my education, but my sister bent her will completely, so I gave up on that day.


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