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Dressed as the squeamish bag of the villain's boss

Traditional Chinese

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Chapter 1

    In the early morning, in the woods on the outskirts of Xicheng where the body temperature is only 3 degrees Celsius, even if you are wearing a down jacket and a blanket next to a warm baby, your body will still tremble involuntarily, because the surrounding is not only cold, but also almost condensed into mist. Moisture, like countless icy tentacles, penetrates into the gaps in the clothes without hindrance, making people nowhere to hide.

    Chu Xiu sat on the lounge chair, pulling on the blanket tightly, wishing to wrap himself in a cotton ball, so as to completely isolate him from the air.

    At around 4 o'clock this morning, she was dug out from the warm bed by the assistant, and then she had breakfast, put on makeup and changed costumes, and when she drove away from the hotel to the location, the sky was still light.

    When the location was reached, Chu Xiu couldn't immediately make the scene. She was just a supporting role. There was only one scene here today, so she had to wait obediently.

    Chu Xiu was cold, sleepy and boring, so he took the time to think about life.

    Three days ago, she became a lonely soul because of the failure of the operation. While wandering around, she met an old man with a bone and an immortal wind. The old man told her that because her ancestors accumulated merits and blessings to her, she was After the end of life, there is a chance to travel through rebirth, but there is no way to return to the original world.

    Chu Xiu would be confused, and asked the old man where she would be reborn. The old man asked her if she had any impressive books, and Chu Xiu naturally thought of the book "Why Songs".

    A long time later, Chu Xiu thought of the moment when his fate was decided, but she was still a little scared. Fortunately, she didn't think of any republican war texts, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable!

    "Why Huange" is the last book she read during her lifetime. It is about romance in the entertainment industry. Because she herself is an actor, she is very interested in the plot in this area. When it was serialized, Chu Xiu was quite the same. Furiously chasing changes, she also regularly casts deep-water fish mines to the author every day, which lasted until the end, after which she brushed it again and again, and understood the story quite well.

    After Chu Xiu told the old man the title of the book, the old man nodded and waved his arm, Chu Xiu's consciousness fell into a coma. When she woke up again, she became a character in the book "Why Songs".

    Although it was only a book of the world, everything she could see was no different from her original world, which simply made Chu Xiu happy.

    But after receiving the memory of the original owner, Chu Xiu suddenly wilted, she actually passed through to become the first female partner in the book, the black lotus scheming bitch Chu Xiu.

    Chu Xiu wanted to cry without tears. Didn't it mean that her ancestors accumulated virtue and Fu Yin came to her? Then why not let her dress as the heroine with boundless beauty, why Yihuan? But dressed as a bad woman with a gentle appearance and a vicious heart? ? ?

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