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Modern AU, Diana is ALIVE!

"Lucas!!" A beautiful girl with diamond-like blue eyes, is calling a handsome man name Lucas. Maybe her boyfriend? 

"Athanasia? What are you doing here in my office?" He asks. Ah. The girl's name is Athanasia then. Wait... Athanasia De Alger Obelia? She is the president's daughter! 

"Can't I see my boyfriend?" Then she gave him a peck on his cheek. "Just came here to see you. I am done with helping daddy and mommy went shopping. I am also done with my homework and I am sooooo bored." She said. 

"Why not we go to a date?" 

"A date? Where to?" 

"The best place you will ever go to." Said Lucas whispering in Athanasia's red ears. Athanasia...That's too long. I'm gonna call you Athy. 

Then Lucas grabbed Athy's hand and went out of his office. 

"Sir Lucas.. Where are you going?" Asked Cabel. If I remember correctly, he is one of Lucas's workers. 

"Oh. Cabel. Can you please shut up? Can't you see I am going out with my girlfriend?" Said Lucas. Cabel looked reeeeally surprised. Maybe he didn't realize that The Lucas has a girlfriend. His tenacity is... But Cabel still knows that his face is... just shining. 

Cabel peeked behind Lucas. And saw a fairy holding hands with Lucas. BAM! Cabel's eyes widen. He realized that his boss...succeeded on getting a fairy for a girlfriend. 

"Um..Hi?" Said Athy in a sweet voice. BAM! Cabel got a heart attack. Lucas, who has a quick tact, realized that Cabel is in love with his girlfriend. 

"Come on princess. I promised you to go to the best place." Said Lucas smiling sweetly at Athy. Then when Athy looked away from Lucas because of her blush, Lucas glared sooo hard at Cabel that he almost got a hole in Cabel's body. 

Then Lucas whispered to Cabel. "If you ever stare like that to my girlfriend, you will get fired from our company and will get a great punishment from the president for wanting his daughter." Then, Lucas pulled Athy's hand and dragged Athy to wherever they were going. Leaving Cabel shocked. 

"Luuucaaas! Where are we going? I am hungry.."

"It's not that far away! Come on! Only like...2 minutes?" 

"I'm trusting you."

Then the couple stood in front of their date place; the café. 


"You like it?"

"I looooove it! I love you so much! It is the best place ever!!!" Then Athy quickly walked to the door. 

They got their seat and ordered their coffee. Lucas, who doesn't enjoy coffee, ordered a hot choco. But he enjoyed seeing Athy drinking her coffee happily. They talked of what to do when they get a break and Athy didn't noticed that Lucas tooked her coffee and drank it. 

"How can you drink this? Ugh." 

"Y...You...You drank..on my...straw....?"

"Of course." 

Lucas got hit by Athy but he didn't mind. He liked getting hit by Athy. Only Athy. 

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