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It’s 6:30 Palak wakes up lazily. Shutting off the alarm she gets up from the bed and directly moves to balcony. She sees so many birds and an instance smile comes on her face. She has this fascination for birds but she doesn’t want to cage them. She changed in sweat pants and T-shirt wearing her sneakers , she left for walk in garden. After an hour, she reaches home and sees everyone present in living room and wishing morning she left to take a shower. After taking shower, she is getting ready when her phone rings and she hurriedly picks up as it is Tani’s call.

Tani – Where the hell were you yesterday you said that you will call me after finishing your work with Ritwik and still you didn’t call me and now I’m going to kill you.

Palak – I’m sorry, I was tired so forget to call you.

Tani – Stop giving your lame excuses and why did you follow back Ritwik.

Palak – How the hell you know?

Tani – It’s obvious I stalk you everyday.

Palak – Haww, you stalker, am I your girlfriend or boyfriend that you are stalking me.

Tani – Eww, I’m straight and it’s my birth right to stalk you so I can keep eye on your account because I don’t want any creeps following you.

Palak – First he was THE RITWIK OBEROI to you and now he is creep for you.

Tani – I’m not talking about Ritwik, I was talking about other guy and don’t change the topic why did you follow him. What happened at yesterday’s evening that you followed back Ritwik?

Palak – Nothing sort of happened he just asked for friendship and I accept it.

Tani – He asked you for friendship, THE RITWIK OBEROI asked you!!!

Palak – Yes, your the RITWIK OBEROI asked me.

Tani - This is not a small thing you dumb head.

Palak – I’m not dumb head it’s not that big thing he just asked for friendship and I said yes.

Tani – OK fine, it is not a big thing for you but for me and many other girls.

Palak – Can we stop this Ritwik’s topic? Don’t we have any other topics to discuss.

Meanwhile Smita shouts from living room, “ Palak come fast, everyone is waiting for you and you will get late also.” Her voice reached to Tani also.

Palak – OK Mumma is calling I’ll talk later bye.

Tani – okay fine go, bye.

She hangs up the call, getting ready fast she moves out of the room. Everyone are sitting at dinning table and having breakfast.

“Palak, I need your help.” Dadi said.

“Yes, tell me dadi, what help you need.”

“I want you to print invitation cards for all the donors. I’ll send you the list of guests with their address so send it to them as early as you can.” Dadi said.

“You don’t worry dadi, I’ll do as soon as possible.” Palak said.

“Thanks beta.” Dadi said.

With little conversation of here and there they finished their breakfast.

When they all left for their respective works.

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