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Remember, this is only the prologue! And hopefully you can deduce what it's setting up. :) And look, it's in past tense for once! (Though sorry, the whole story won't be. You guys know I love me some present tense writing.) 

Please, leave a comment/vote to let me know what you think! You guys know I always like to hear what you guys think! Like I said before, I think this story has the potential to be the most important one I've written yet. :) Enjoy!


         "Ten minutes!" Amy pranced happily around the small shop we had been working in for the past year, swirling her broom around as if it were a handsome dance partner. 

          I glanced up at the clock above the register to see that she was right. Only ten minutes to closing, then it was time for us to lock up and drive to one of the biggest New Year's parties to ever be hosted, the 2013 Bash. 

             I guess that was one of the advantages to working with your best friend. You had a good time no matter what and you always found ways to pass the time through some sort of entertainment. Plus, it was a big chunk of your life, so your plans really always revolved around each other. And when you’re best friends, that’s perfect. 

            "You think I should buy one of the Silly String cans and bring it?" Amy called from one of the aisles, before popping her head out at me, bright orange hair flying.

             "Sure, I guess," I said, only half listening as I counted up the money from the registers. "We are a party supply store, why not? People are probably counting on us to bring something fun."

             Amy made a clucking noise with her tongue before nodding, seemingly satisfied with the can in her hand. "I think I will," she said, walking towards me until we were only separated by the counter. "I've been itching to get Billy back after he threw that egg at my car. He’s still such an arse for that." 

            I chuckled and began sliding the register closed again, seeing that the count was exact and there were only five more minutes left. 

              Amy opened her mouth to say something else when she froze, and her face seemed to drain of all color. To my right, just out of my peripheral vision, I heard a thud and heavy footsteps, telling me that someone else had entered the store. 

            "Don't move," a deep voice said, floating over to me and creeping up the back of my neck like an insect with malicious intent. It sounded scratchy and gruff, like it belonged to someone who has barely seen daylight or spoken in ages. 

            My blood ran cold as I watch Amy, still facing the door, and saw her shaking. It was a barely visible movement, but I could see it, the tremble of her lip and the nervous quiver in her legs. 

            "Drop what you have and put your hands up. Both of you." The man commanded. When neither of us moved, both frozen in fear, he only seemed to get more aggravated. "Now!"

           My heart thudded loudly in my chest as I cautiously raised my arms up, and I realized that I was shaking as well. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut for a moment, hoping that it was all just a bad dream, praying that it was.

            I heard the thud of the Silly String can drop, and the voice growled again. "You, behind the register. Turn around slowly. Try anything and you'll have a bullet in your head." 

             My heart pounded even harder in my chest as I did as commanded. As I did, a man dressed in dark clothes and a ski mask moved slowly into my vision. He was a rather large person, but with muscle more than anything, and that fact did nothing to reassure me in the moment. And the worst part: he was holding a gun that flickered back and forth between Amy and I.

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