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You must follow these rules, or you will be kicked out of the applyfic :)

1. Be kind. You must be kind to
everyone involved in this applyfic, unless it's YG.
Which it isn't. So be nice or else 💃

2. I only accept google docs, pastebin
and commented forms. If you have another
way then please educate me on how to use it 😅

3. This isn't really a rule, but I wanted
to let y'all know that I don't really mind if you ethnicity bend,
or nationality bend, although it would be preferred
if you kept it the same as your face claim.
As for age, I literally don't care. Just don't make a 1995 liner Nina okay?

4. No Mary Sues. And no victims. Please don't make
your oc perfect, or absolutely miserable. It's important to be realistic

5. Make the form detailed please :)

6. There are no reservations, this is first come first served.

7. Here is a stat chart:
If your slot has a lead position, the max is 80/100
If your slot has a main position, then you can go up to 100/100
If your slot has a sub position, then the max is 60/100
You can only have one 100/100
The only exception is if your slot is a visual or center, in which they can have two 100/100
(One for visual, one for something else)
(One for stage presence, one for something else)
If two slots have the same position, it is a first come first serve for the maximum limit
If that made no sense then I understand 😅

8. Please use only kpop idols for face claims

9. Please stay active! If you are on hiatus, or have a username
change, please tell me. Voting and commenting tells me you are active :D

10. Have fun! And if you have any feedback, or constructive criticism,
please let me know! Also, the password is the name of the idol and group of your chosen slot :)


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