Ms. Goddess' Goddess?!

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Natasha's pov

I have been chatting with Peter for about two weeks now checking up on him every day. We even started talking in Russian after I found out he knew the language.

He tells me about everything after he patrols he started calling me 'Mama Spider' and I started calling him 'Baby Spider'.

Eventually, I trusted him enough to tell him about Pepper and I and when I did he got so excited and asked to meet her and I told him he would soon and waited for Pepper to ask about it.

When she did I immediately added her to the chat.

Ms. Goddess added 1 other to the chat!

Ms. Goddess?

Ms. Goddess
Yeah that's what Peter calls me

Hi, Ms/Mrs/Mr/Mx mystery person! :)

He's so precious
Hello Peter! It's Ms

Ms. Goddess
Peter this is my girlfriend

Oh my THOR

Ms. Goddess' Goddess
Ms. Goddess' Goddess?

As I explained to Ms. Goddess 'women are queens, Goddesses to be worshipped'
And since you are Ms. Goddess girlfriend you are her Goddess as she's explained

Ms. Goddess' Goddess
Oh God you are adorable
I love him already

Ms. Goddess

Ms. Goddess' Goddess
Have you told the team about him?

Ms. Goddess
No, but bird brain is suspicious he won't stop staring at me

New friends??

Ms. Goddess
Sure Spider whatever you say I'll add them


Natasha added 7 others!

So this is wut u've been doin

Ms. Goddess
Just introduce urself and don't use ur real names

Call me Mr. Fe kid

You can call me Mr. Science

I'm Bucket

Hey call me Hawk

Call me Bird

Waddup i be Speedy

I'm his twin sister call me Scarlet

Hello, you can call me Sheild. Send text

Hey guys!
It's nice to meet all of you!
I'm rly sorry but I have to go
Mama Spider something happened with my spider

Ms. Goddess
That's fine
See you later Baby Spider

Ok thx
Ill tty all later
Bye Mama Spider

Aw that's so cute

Ms. Goddess
Shut up bucket before I throw one of my knives at ur head

Peter's Pov

Peter smiled and put away his upgraded burner phone as he swung to his alleyway.

He didn't love being homeless but he would much rather be homeless than stay at stay with the Westcotts.

⚠️TW child abuse⚠️

Two years before
He had just gotten back from school.

Closing the door he tried to run to his room when Mr. Westcott grabbed him.

"Where were you boy." Mr. Westcott Spat at him.

Peter put his head down being careful not to break the rules.

"I had school, sir."

"Don't be smart you fag." Mr. Westcott said as he spat in his face and smacked him in the face.

"I'm sorry sir but they held u-" Peter was cut off with a punch to the face and a hard kick to the ribs when he fell to the floor.

"Don't talk back to me you little bitch!" He said kicking him again surely breaking some ribs.

And he continued until he was satisfied and then sent him to his room.

He lay on his bed starting to cry from the pain when he heard a knock on the door.

When the door open an older boy stepped into the room.

"Hey, Einstein."

⚠️Tw over⚠️

He would gladly be homeless for the rest of his life than ever go back there.

He had only run away two weeks after the bite.

He'd been running away from Child Protection Services ever since.

He thought about his new friends as he felt himself drift into sleep.

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