One step closer

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- 2 weeks later -

Arizona's POV:

I think to myself as I wait for Nicole to show up for rounds. Ever since Amelia and I shared what I feel like was a moment I've been so very happy and not as stressed. I want to tell Amy how I truly feel about her and how I've always felt about her, but Callie and I just got a divorce, Herman is still kicking my ass in this fellowship, and I know Amelia and Owen still have something going on and I don't want to mess anything up for her especially because I don't know if she still feels the same way. Nicole still doesn't have a clue that I sent her scans over to Grey-Sloan, so I still have to find a way to tell her what I did and hope I don't get kicked off this fellowship.

Amelia's POV:

I don't have the heart to tell Owen I want to be with someone else let alone a woman. He's been nothing, but kind to me except for the times he drinks and tries to apologize the next day. I've always missed Arizona, but being in that room alone with her stirred up old feelings deep down I knew I still had. Her eyes are like looking into an ocean of love and comfort. I've got to make a plan on how to break this to Owen because even if there's just the slightest chance Arizona and I could get back together I want to take it. I sit in the attending lounge figuring out what to say,  "Owen I'm falling for someone. I don't think we will-" "No that's not going to work." "Owen I don't think this will work anymore. I have my eyes on someone else." "Yes, this is the one!" I notice Derek standing right behind me. "How much of that did you hear?", I ask. "Just the part where you were talking to the chair as if it were Hunt." He raises his eyebrow, "What's going on Amy?" I sit down in the chair, "I caught feelings for an old uh- girlfriend..." "I never knew-" "That I was with a woman? Yea I know that's because she respected that I didn't want my family knowing. Things have changed though. I'm more grown up and I'm not afraid to hide who I am anymore especially not if I have a chance to be with her again. I won't waste it in fear of what people think of me.", I say nervously. "No, Amy I'm proud of you. You can't choose who you desire to be with. I do think you should break it off with Hunt soon though. It's better to rip off the band-aid then keep leading him on.", Derek says supportively. "Yea I think I should go look for him." I get up to walk to the ER where he of course should be. "Hey, good luck Amy.", Derek starts pouring coffee into a mug. "Thanks, bro.", I say as I continue walking out. It was a little weird he didn't even ask who I was talking about or even if they worked at this hospital.

Arizona's POV:

I got done with rounds with Herman and she says she needs a "personal day", so I guess I have the rest of the day off to check out some Peds cases. As soon as I start walking to the OR gallery to watch Alex operate on his Neuroblastoma kid I get a page from ortho to get down to the ER for a consult since Herman is out. I turn around and start walking to the elevator to get to the ER. When the doors open I see Amelia standing in the corner. We make eye contact and I ask her, "Where are you going?" as I go to press the ground floor and it's already pressed. "I'm headed to the ER to talk to Owen before I have to go clip an aneurysm.", she says as I see her mess with her hands. I know she's anxious for something because she used to do that before her first solo surgeries at Hopkins. "You headed to the ER too?", she looks a me. "Yes, Torres paged I guess there's no surgeon on call and I guess she needs a fetal consult and Herman left for the day." "Also we need to talk about Herman whenever we get some free time. If there's anything you can do for her I'd love to know. All she can talk about is dying.", I say as I can't keep eye contact. My eyes keep wondering to her anxious hands and how her hair slowly falls off of her shoulders every time she moves. "Yes, of course. I'd love to help in any way I can I just need more scans. 3-D rendering, so I can get to know this tumor better and I'm gonna need to draw out measurements and trajectories. When do I get to speak to her previous doctors?", I see her hands start to relax as she talks and I realize I got her attention off of whatever was clouding her mind.

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