Chapter 23 : The Reason Why

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Her face seemed delicate; fragile even, if one would look and observe rather closely at her.

The gaze she had was something that of indescribable. A glow inflicted in her eyes in which regular words were far from available to describe it.

Nonetheless, with the use of her calm tone, she whispered amidst the silent night that she cherished dearly--and with the memories they had built together up until this point.

The girl look up solemnly before opening her mouth. A single smile managed to crept upon her lips;

"The moon is very lovely tonight, isn't it?"


He rested his hand on top of your head wordlessly. Such a small act, yet it held genuine affection towards the girl he wanted to comfort right now.

He realize you flinched slightly--noticing the stare that you gave him, before he instinctively pulled his hand away.

"..Sorry." The burgundy-haired male remarked, releasing a tiny chuckle. The only answer he got was a silent little treatment, which was something that isn't necessarily a bad thing, to be precise.

Now it is your turn who noticed the gaze Tanjirou has behind his brunette ones. Something that he always had even from back at the Final Selection. Back when you two were as if the closest friends protecting one another from death.

But isn't calling each other best friends were a bit much, considering that you two only spent one week together? Even then, you both didn't had the proper chance to get to know each other better. You two were only there; constantly switching roles to be on the look out for demons as the other taking a rest.

One week and half of a night, to be exact. That is if you count that night back in Urokodaki's home you were supposed to be staying at.

So then, what exactly would you consider the both of you are?

Now turning your head while looking away, you brought your feet close as you crossed your arms together--burying your own face before speaking, "considering the circumstances between us, I think I should be the one to apologize."

His head perked up. Tanjirou was bewildered about what you were talking about, yet he quickly recalled the memory the moment he laid his eyes on you again.

"Tanjirou-san.. I'm sorry."

You owe him; and Nezuko, plenty of apologizes already. So, still burying your face onto your arms, you mentioned the first one.

And then comes the second one, a bit more related to what had happened earlier on.

"..I'm sorry you had to see me like this."

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