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2 years later
Year 847

I just look as Commandant Sadies scream at Armin's face.

Sadies: What's your name, Maggot?!

Armin: Armin Arlert of Siganshina District, sir!!

Sadies: Is that right?! What a dumb name!! Your parents give it to you?!

Armin: My grandfather did, sir!!

Sadies: Arlert!! What the hell did you come here for?!

Armin: To make myself useful in the struggle for humanity's victory, sir!

Sadies: Well, that's mighty admirable!! I think I'm gonna make you titan chow, Maggot!!

He then turn Armin's body 180° and start to scream at the other cadet's face. He then stop in front of horseface cadet.

Sadies: What's your name, horseface?!

Horseface: Jean Kirstein from district, sir!

Sadies: What did you come here for?!

Jean: To get into Military Police Brigade and live in the interior, sir.

Sadies: I see! You want to go to interior, do you?

Jean: Yes, sir!

Sadies immediately headbutt him. Jean fall to the ground because of the headbutt.

Sadies: Hey! Who give you permission to sit down?! If you can't handle that, you'll never make it to Military Police Brigade!!

He then walk to another cadet.

Sadies: What is your name, Maggot?!

Cadet with freckles: Marco Bott, Jinae Town, Wall Rose South District, sir!

Sadies: What'd you come here for?!

Marco: To join Military Police Brigade and devote myself to the king, sir!!

Sadies: I see... That's just fine. A noble goal. Except...

He come close to Marco's face.

Sadies: I'm sure the king don't want you.

He then walk to cadet next to Marco.

Sadies: You, Maggot!! Who're you?!

Cadet with buzzcut: Connie Springer from Ragako Village, sir!

He salute but.......he salute using left hand. Sadies instantly pick his head up and start to squeeze it hardly.

Sadies: I know they taught you at at the start... The salutes indicates your dedication to serve the common good, heart and soul! Is your heart on your right side, shithead?

He said and squeeze Connie's head harder. I then smell something. Like a steam potato. I look at the cadet beside Connie and see a girl cadet eating a steam potato. Sadies look at the potato girl and start to walk at her.

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