games and cuddles

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warnings: none
word count: 221 words
pro-nouns used: none

no ones pov:
y/n was standing outside the door of the room ranboo streamed in

y/n's hand rose to knock on the door but dropped down immediately

y/n remembered that there were grapes on the kitchen counter in a bowl, after eating a few of them

y/n was growing inpatient with ranboo, but y/n also knew he was streaming

y/n quietly walked into the room ranboo was streaming in

ranboo muted his mic but never turned from the computer "yes y/n?" he spoke

"umm i-i'm bored, i also ate some grapes." y/n said not wanting to say 'i want cuddles!'

"do you wanna watch me play?" ranboo asked

"sure, i can sit on the ground!" you said sitting next to his chair

"no come here" he said placing you on his lap (is that sexualizing him? please tell me!)

"b-but ranboo.." y/n said trying to get up

"it's fine, you'll be okay" he reassured

you continued to watch ranboo stream while you sat on his lap, you messed around with some of the figures he had on his desk

a little while later ranboo decided to end the stream so he can give attention to you

"hey! why did you move your bed? it was next mine just a few days ago" ranboo asked looking at his computer screen

1st imagines about ranboo !

i might change my format of writing btw lol

i might change my format of writing btw lol

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