The Brew Scene - Aiden's POV (Pure)

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The Brew

My face hurt from keeping up appearances and smiling through conversations I didn’t give a damn about and introductions to other pure-bloods I’d already forgotten. This was the last place I wanted to be, but if I ran off too soon, people—important, powerful people—would start to ask questions.

A member of the Council said something, and I nodded, having no idea what he’d said. All I could think about was Alex... on the Brew and left alone with Seth. I didn’t trust any man with two eyes to do right in that situation. Alex would be.... I couldn’t finish the thought.

I wasn’t sure I could even trust myself in a situation like that.
But Seth had sworn that he would look after her.
A warm hand skimmed up my arm, and I turned, finding myself staring down at a pure-blooded woman a good five years older than me. Her red-painted lips split into a wide smile as she leaned into me. “Aiden St. Delphi,” she purred, placing her other hand on my chest. “You should grace the

Catskills with your presence more often. Your visits are too far apart.”
I had no idea who this woman was.
Politely as I could, I reached down and removed her hand from my chest as I sidestepped her. She

followed, blue eyes flaring with challenge. “Sorry,” I said. “Not interested.”
She cocked her head to the side and honey-colored hair cascaded over her shoulder. “What? Do

you prefer male companionship?” Lashes lowered coyly. “I don’t have a problem sharing.”
I arched a brow, so over all of this. There was somewhere I needed to be. “I’m not interested in

any form of companionship. Good night.”
Pivoting on my heel, I rolled my eyes at the rough curse that came out of the woman’s lips.

Heading out of the ballroom, I nodded my goodbyes to Marcus and Head Minister Diana. Luckily they didn’t stop me.

Felt like it took forever to get to Seth’s floor. I knocked, hoping I didn’t wake Alex if she’d passed out. Gods willing, she’d fallen asleep instead of going through the effects of the Brew. When there was no answer, I opened my door, my gaze roaming over the empty bed, and then toward the small settee.

Knots twisted in my stomach. “Where is she? Seth?”

I stepped into the room, breathing deeply. Noise came from inside the bathroom. A muffled voice and then footsteps followed. I bent down, swiping a sweater off the floor. It was Alex’s. My gaze moved by the bed again.

There were jeans—her jeans and her... I dropped the sweater and picked up the lacy, black cloth. Seth entered the room. Shirtless. Jeans unbuttoned. Hair disheveled.
I was going to fucking kill him.

“Look, I know all this looks really bad. It’s not what you think.”

Rage I’d never felt before boiled my blood and rose like a savage monster. My fingers clenched her shirt. I wanted to grab a dagger and shove up under his chin. “This isn’t what it looks like? Really? Because I think this belongs to Alex.”

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