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-Meredith greys POV-
I walk into y/n's room to take my shift with her. April walks out. and I sit in the chair beside y/n's bed. she still hasn't waken up. we are all hoping she does soon. Jackson sat with her till this morning and she isn't responsive. April then sat with her and now I am and when Alex comes in because hes on call tonight he will sit with her. Derek come in "anything yet" he ask "nope" I slouch down in the uncomfotable hospital chair. Lexi walks in with mark "is this the girl that had twins and still hasnt woken up?" she ask "yep this would be her" I said she sat at the end of her bed. "what do you thinks gonna happen to her" she ask Derek "im not sure lets just hope she wakes up soon. the best we can do is continue to monitor her. but if she doesn't wake up within the next 2 days then she may be brain dead" he says as he kisses my cheek and leaves the room "do you wanna come over for dinner tomorrow night mark?" I ask. mark looks at Lexie then nods "tomorrow at 6." I say as they walk out. 

-Alex Karevs POV- 

I get to the hospital and walk into the locker room and pull on my scrubs I go to the NICU to check on the twins. I see robins listening to the baby girls heartbeat. "more bleeding overnight. her heart stopped at one point." she said dr Robbins was paged "you go I got this" I said dr Bailey walked in. "how are they" she asks looking at the baby boy and then walking over to me "heart rates dropping slowly she's not gonna make it through the night tonight" I said . its like 7pm. April walks in whats going on "babys not gonna make it through the night" I repeated as I began unplugging the machines "so what your just gonna watch her die?" April ask "pretty much" I said as I pick her up "hi little girl im here your not alone" I place her against my chest and held her. "kangaroo" Bailey mumbled looking at me "excuse me" I asked "kangaroo hold. thats what its called. the way your holding her." "and?" "and look the babys heart rate is going up along with her temperature" she said as I turned to look at the machine. "just by holding her" April ask "yea yea, Karev take off your shirt" dr Bailey said "no. April  you take off yours" "no" she said "no Karev take off your shirt its most effective when its skin to skin contact. usually its the mom or dad but your gonna have to do" I looked at her funny "im not kidding take off you shirt!" she said I handed Bailey the baby and took my shirt off. April giggles and walked out. she handed me the baby back. I held her close to me "see skin to skin contact. she feels your warmth and can sense your heartbeat. see the babys heartbeat is picking up in response" she said pointing to the monitor. Derek walks in "Karev what are you doing" he ask. Jackson walks in behind him "hes saving a babies life" dr Bailey said "have you started lactating yet" Jackson laughed. "you know what just because of that comment come here" dr Bailey said. "no I have to go and scrub in on Dereks surgery isn't that right dr shepard" he says "oh its ok I can just let Meredith scrub in" Derek responds "here now" Bailey demands. he comes and stands beside me "shirt off" she said. he pulled his shirt off as she grabbed the babyboy and gave him to Jackson. "see the heartrate is going up" she point at the boys monitor. he wasnt doing well either. mark walks in "hey Jackson I need you to-. oh uh I didnt realize you two were busy" he laughed "what exactly are you two doing anyways" he asked  "out" Bailey demanded and pointed towards the door "both of you" she said to mark and Derek. they both walked out. Jackson looked at me "what did you get me into" he laughed "you did it to yourself shouldn't of made fun of me for saving a baby now look at both of us saving babies" I said I sat down in the rocker and Jackson sat beside of me "at least you dont have to do rectal exams" I laughed 

we sat there for about a hour when Meredith and Lexi walk in "what in the world are you guys doings" Lexi says "apparently breast feeding" Alex laughs "no guys seriously what are you doing" Meredith says "kangaroo hold. it raises the babies heartrate with skin to skin contact. were baby daddies" he says and I laugh "anyways I came to ask you guy if you wanted to come to my house tomorrow night for dinner around 6." Meredith ask "thats good with me" I say "me to, but who's gonna watch y/n" "a nurse is gonna sit with her like right now" Lexi says "ok boys we'll leave you to your breast feeding" Meredith says as dr. Bailey walks in "dr. Bailey there making fun of us" I said "uh uh girls they boys are saving lives" she laughed. "how are they holding up" she ask "better than they ever have" I say "well ill be back in a little bit" she says as she walks out. 

Dr. Robbins walks in but stops in her tracks "kangaroo hold. nice boys, very smart" she says as she continues walking and walks over to Jackson and picks up the baby from him and checks his vitals "looking good. even though his brain bleed is still bad but small he should make it through the night with the help of you guys" she hands the 23 week old  baby boy back to Jackson "now her" she says taking the baby girl from me "she's doing better. but her brain bleed seems to be progressing. she needs to go into surgery now" Robbins says I look at Jackson he looks worried and I look at him with sad eyes "page dr. shepard on the way" she says as I pull my shirt on and we roll the baby out and into the O.R. 

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