After you called Louis, and talked with his band mates you felt satisfied “At last? I’ve heard him once again... Does he change? But still he’s proud of me, and he introduced me to his fellow band mates... I hope they’ll take care of my Lou” you said

*Flashback – he was been bullied*

“Even though he looks like a thin stick with a long hair with me, I do like him and love him no matter what he is... Oh I can’t wait to finish my studies here and go home to see him again...” as you rolled over to your bed and get chilled “(y/n)?! Remember Louis is your Best Friend...” you nod and turn off the lights.

          After a months passed, You’re on your graduation day and the program has been started, and after the long ceremony and speech, the MC announced that

“Good Morning Graduates... Once again Congratulation to all of you... We have received a video call to congratulate their fellow friend here... Can we show it now... Show them please? Thank you” a he left the stage.

        On a large white screen, the One Direction flashed on.

Everyone started to scream, chilled and cheer for them “One Direction! 1D! 1D! OMG!” and you’re surprise because Louis was there “Lou?!” you said

*On the screen*

“HELLO! HI!” they said together “Hi I’m Harry, I’m Liam, I’m Louis, I’m Zayn and I’m Niall and we’re the One Direction!” they said and everyone scream for joy “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

“First of all... Congratulations to everyone!” said Liam

“Congartulations?!” said Niall

“Vas Happenin?!” said Zayn

“I? And We would like also to congratulate my Best Friend out there?” said Louis and everyone started to whisper

“Omg?! He/She’s lucky?” said graduate1 “I wonder who it be?” said graduate2

“Can you please stand love? I know who you are? and I know you're in there, somewhere?” said Louis while waiting for you to stand, you slowly stand up and waved at him “There she is Lads?!” said Louis happily *tapping his friends* then they waved at you back.

“Hi! (y/n)?! Congratulations! Glad you made it! You finish school already! OMG!” Louis was standing at his seat and Niall pulled him back,

“Can’t wait to see you here miss?” said Harry

“Yeah?! And maybe had a chance to mingle with us and celebrate your success?!... Congrats!” said Niall opening his arms

“That’s all (y/n)?! CONGRATULATIONS!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!” said One Direction and ends the video call

“awe... you’re so lucky girl?” said the other graduates and after that the program was ended, you went home (at the condo) and Louis called you.

*phone call with Louis*

You: “Hey? Thanks by the way...”

Louis: “Ha ha ha... no problem love?!”

You: “Oh wait... I’ll be home soon?”

Louis: “Oh well that’s great?! I can’t wait...”

You: “Ahm... Lou...”

Louis: “yes?”

You: "There's I need to tell you something..."

Louis: "Huh? Really? What is it?"

You: “Ahmmm... *smiled* When I got home... See me at our house... Hope you’ll understand me...”

Louis: “Oh?! Really? Ok then? Can’t wait... Me too I’ve something to tell you too! Just text me if you have already arrive... See ya (y/n)?! I miss you!”

*end the call*

*exhaled* “Ok then?! I need to do something brave for my self... I can do this...” you said and put your phone to your pocket.

And after the arrangements, and leaved the condo, took off... riding on a plane to your home and reach airport, you saw Jack out there waving at you “Hey! (y/n)! Over here!” he yelled “Jack?!” you ran to him “Louis called me to meet you at the airport, he can’t go because he need to fetch up on something... but don’t worry he’ll visit you at your house when he’s back” Jack said and grab your bag “Oh? I see? Ok then... Thank you...” you said and ride on a taxi.

And when you reach home you saw your parents waiting for you outside “Mom! Dad!” you ran to your parents and hug them “Oh! (y/n)?! You’ve change a lot my dear? by the way Congratulations!” said your Dad “It’s just the looks Dad, but it’s still me! and Thank you!” you said “Ha ha ha... Come inside I prepared your favourite dish... Let your friend come inside too...” your mom said “Oh yah! Jack! Mom? Dad? This is Jack my Highs school classmate and a friend of Mine and I think Lou too?...” you introduced him to your parents “Oh Hi there Jack?!” your mom hugged him “Thanks for catching up my daughter at the airport! Come inside? Your welcome?” your Dad said “Oh thanks a lot Mr. And Mrs. (your last name)” said Jack, you all went inside of the house.

After 2 hours of talking, laughing and eating...

*Door bells*

“Oh? A visitor?” said your Mom

“I’ll go check it?” said Jack

“Ok then dear? Thank you!” said your mom to Jack, and when Jack opens the Door he saw Louis

“Oh! Lou?! Come on in? (y/n)'s waiting for you...” Jack said and hugged Louis, and he stopped smiling and let go of him...

Louis enters the door... "Hi everyone?" he said...


Note: Continuation will be on the naext chapter... 

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