Chapter 2: A place no one visited

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I woke up with a start. My heart was beating fast. It beated fast enough that some one has injected 15ml of Adrenaline right on to my heart. My eyes were roaming here and there. I realised that it wasn't a room and as I look up the ceiling was dome shaped. I realised I was in an igloo!. My friends were still unconscious.  I tried to wake them up but no answer.  There was a beautifully constructed window and a door. I look outside the window the wind was heavy and swony. Then, someone came inside.

It was a fairy, who had bigger wings than Jessica. Along with her was another fairy. Oh, that's Jessica now. There were discussing ssomething serious. I was looking at them cluelessly. The another fairy went in an arogant way. Jessica rubbed behind her neck and i guess she in fustration.

"Why did i fall love in wi..............."  she saw me " oh!, hey aaron, u woke up?"

I kept silent, also i had many questions in mind. And what did she say " why did i fall in love"? is she talking about me or someone?, i wondered.

" I know, i know......... ummm wake up your friends up, i will tell you everything" said Jessica

I obeyed her and i tried to wake them. Sebastian woke up his blue eyes in questions. I could feel his heart beat. Mean while, Roshan's eyes were awake.

" Yes,........... please explain.." i said

" Okay, let me introduce myself, I am Jessica, i am the fairy of ice and cold water" she said bodly

" You guys are gonna be with me in one year, and if  you ever wondered you are in Antartica" she continued.

We all jaw dropped.

" What with you in one year?!....... and what the shit, in an Antartica?!!" said Sebastian, panicking and embassing the word "you in one year".

" Why are we with you in one year?" asked Roshan

" You guys in a mission, why did you even the box? i guess you remember" said Jessica , raising one eyebrow.

"What? What box?!" we all asked.

" You guys made me in a big trouble and i hate you for this!, i have to win against a....... well, nothing!" she said and glared.

" What?! this all insane!, please leave us alone, will you Jessica?, why you need us? and please send us back home!" i said out of controll.

Her eyes welled up. She sat down where she stood and started to cry. I felt sad. Roshan and Sebastian looked at me like they never did before.

She began to talk " You open the box, it put me in trouble and because of that my eyes became blue and sometimes hazel. I have to fight against another fairy which is my enemy. i dont like enemies but..........." she took long breath " You made her stronger by opening the box and it was a lady, who came  to you in park and the reason she came to you  is  because i had a crush on you Aaron!. She smelt my love for you and you opened the box because you were allowed grant wishes freely" she continued. Then she started to cry badly.

" Don't cry" said sebastian" i mean we'll help you......... and yes the lady came to us"

" For her she wants to take over the world, and she will do anything" 

What the heck?! i thought..... 

" Oh yea" she stood up " 2 months in Antartica and 8 months in Ve....... no wait i shouldn't tell you this and another 2 months in Florida"

" Florida?!" said Roshan and Sebastain in ashtonishement

I was pretty shock to open my mouth.

" What about the 8 months? " i asked 

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