To the prison and Rick

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I could see the prison from here. We were almost out of the tree line. The prison was one big cement fortress of safety. Of refuge. Of family blood related and not.

"Oh my God." Dad sprout up behind me,still limping with the little girl standing next to him expressionless tell dad said that. Then she looked up at him in fear. She's scared of him. Fear-full the way I used to be when I was little. I notice her limping like dad but hers was more sever she was just trying to hide it. That would explain the expressionless face. She also had a bruise on the side of her neck,a hickey. I stop dead in my tracks.

"Come here,kid." I say blunt. All I felt now was numbed anger pent up into one thing,rage. She began helping dad to me but I stopped her. "Only you." She stopped dead in fear. Looking at me then to him,dad stayed there,silent,still. "You weren't scared of me earlier,come here,I wanna walk with you." I say and she slowly lets dad's arm fall off her as he began to limp on his own. She comes to my side and I put my arm around her and say- "You can stop hidden that limp,I'll help you." She looks up at me in shock then she smiles hiding it from him.

"Can I have my picture back?" She says as me and her start to walk away,her limp becoming apparent.

"Tell me why you have it." I say to her.

"Mommy-" I interrupt her "Ya,ya,mommy gave it to you. I know,she was pregnant with you the last time I saw her."  She looks up at me and smiles.

"Did she tell you my name." She ask. The smile still there. She now knew,I knew I'm her uncle. Merel's little girl. Left him because he slapped her mama when she was still pregnant with her. Merel never got over it. Saying he didn't want her now that he knew she was a girl. But to me,his brother,I could she his heart was rippen in two over her. His little Toby.

"Toby. Last I heard." Her smile got wider and she nodded. What was I suppose to do? Merel was sitting in a cage in the prison,and out of the blue,dad shows up with his daughter. I'll tell you what you do,you give Merel back his daughter,and as proof its his you give him his dad and a picture. Good idea Daryl,nice he's so not gunna call you a liar,but how could he,I look down at the girl smiling up at me. She looked like mom. She had thick dark brown hair,with bright blue eyes,with mom's small button nose and plump lips.  Everyone said I look like ma. I don't see it. She was beautiful,long brown hair and perfect skin. I'm nothing like her. She was kind. I'm like dad. I look back at him,grunting in pain. It didn't faze me,I was used to it. Then I look up to see the gate of the prison. Maggie starring wide eyed at the little girl next to me and my father behind me.

"Well,you gunna let us in our not?" I say kinda annoyed. Maggie nodded and walked over to pull the rope. As we started walking in Rick came towards us and turned a gun on my dad.

"WHO'S THIS!" He asked. Keeping the gun on him. Dad just looked up at him then me.

"GET THAT GUN OUTTA MY DAD'S FACE!" I holler at him and he looks at me with shock on his face.

"Your-your dad."  Rick says putting the gun down. Then staring at the girl. She hid behind me,scared. Was she scared of guns? Is that why she took to me and not Rick. Why doesn't dad have a gun. These questions filled my head as Rick tried to process what was happening.

"Wait,so fist Merel now you dad and-" He looked at the girl stumped.

"Toby." I say staring Rick down. "Tell you what,your so concerned with a little girl and a beat up old man,you can stick them in the same cage as Merel,or better yet,shoot this little girl's grandfather in the head and send her and her one handed dad on there merry way." I said this and Rick began to look confused at me. Then he nodded his head and waved for us to follow him. He was still disoriented from losing Lorrie,but he was getting better. Knew what was good for him. Me. Stayin' for him. Still can't believe I left in the first place.  Rick lead us to the cafeteria were everyone was sitting. They all looked up at us,fright in there eyes. Carl was the first to speak.

"What the hell is this." Kid said angrily maken me laugh.

"Watch your language." Rick said to him. Carl began to stomp off,but I grabbed his arm. "Hey!" He said,but I ignored it,

"Help her up to my brother. Let her lean on you,and give him this." I say hadding the picture back to Toby. She took it with out hesitation and I traded places with Carl. "Hersel,will you look at my dad's leg. I think he needs stiches. Hasn't stopped bleeding for 30 minutes or more." At first everyone looked shocked but Hersel nodded and gided his hand towreds an empty table and dad sat down while Beth went to grab the first ad kit.

"DARYL!" I hear Merel call. Hey mabey hes not angry? HA NO!

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