Strong Enough

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"Here, take this."

They hand me a new burden.

"You can deal with this."

Another one to the pile.

"I know you're strong enough."

Burden after burden fall into my hands.

"Now go fulfill your life."

They point towards the long road ahead

And shove me foward.

I have no choice but to do so.

"You have to do good in life!"

I hear them taunt.

I trudge on, trembing at the weight of these undesired burdens.

Day turns to night, and I can't hold on much longer.

Still, I walk on.

No one follows me, but

Their voices echo in my head.

"She can't do it."

One step.

"She's only so strong."

I stumble, but don't fall.

"Eventually she'll have to give in."

I can't stand the pain any more.

Finally, I slip.

The burdens keep me down.

I barely lift my head.

So I give up.

At least, I tried to,

Before I heard a voice.

"Here, let me help you."

I look up thorugh my blurred vision.

It's a man.

He lifts my burdens from my shoulders.

"You shouldn't be caring these."

He casts them down, every last one.

"Now, child, let's go live your life."

He takes my hand, pulls me up.

He hasn't let go yet.

And he never will.

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