Ch.1 So it begins

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"Hey Beth how is your day going"? Jaxson asked as they are leaving school. "Fine" Beth replied. "have you seen Jon?" Jaxson questioned. Jaxson Beth and Jon go to speeder high school in Georgia. They are life long friends that have lived in the same place there whole life. "I have no idea" said Beth. "Aren't we supposed meet him by the woods later,he said he wanted to show us something?" "Ya, lets go see what crazy thing he found this time." Beth and Jaxson or Jax ( his nickname) started of to the woods by there houses. When they first arrived at the woods there was no sign of Jon. "Try call-" "I'm over here" Jon interrupted as he raced out of the woods with a look in his face they had never seen before."This will put a stop to all of your smack about me" he said with glee.

Sorry it's a short chapter. chapter two will be longer,

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