Ch.2 The print

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"What is it now Jon this is the fourth time you brought us out here" Beth exclaimed. "And what's with the -I just won the lottery face-?" Jaxson added. "Guys this is the biggest thing since I thought I saw Bigfoot" Jon was stud stuttering. "Ya I realized that, you look like you saw a ghost doing a cartwheel" Beth said sarcastically. " y'all don't understand is saw a foot print". "Where" Jaxson said in disbelieve. "This way" Jon said while pointing into the woods. They followed Jon into the woods up until the got to a clearing. And there it was, a half wolf, half human like foot print. "Oh my god, it is actually real this time!" Jaxson was speechless. "what do u think it is?" Beth questioned. "There has to be a logical explanation for this" Jaxson was dumbfounded. "Do you know what this means?" Jon said "I finally found a foot print to the monster I have been looking for my whole life." Jon said with a voice of a little kid on Christmas. "This is crazy, we can't tell any one" Beth remarked.

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