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It was freezing outside and I didn't bring my jacket to the bathroom, sorry I wasn't aware that I was about to be KIDNAPPED!! The guys told me to "Man Up" which I thought was kind of annoying but I got used to hearing it.

My hands were tied up and I felt like I was having a heart attack. They put a paper bag over my head, so I felt like I couldn't breathe. Who knew the last time I would ever see my parents were when I said goodbye to leave for one night?! Who knew the last fun I would ever have was just 15 minutes ago?!

"What are you going to do with me," I asked while trembling. "U-umm ya, what are you going to do with us?" Said a voice I hardly recognized. THEY HAD KIDNAPPED SOMEONE ELSE TOO?! This voice sounded younger than mine, like it came out of a 9 year old girl's mouth. "If you two don't shut up I'm going to kill you before we even get to the airport!"

The car ride remained silent for the next 30 minutes and then the car stopped. Before they opened any doors, they took off their jumpsuits ( luckily they had clothes on underneath) , untied our hands , took the paper bags off of our heads and ordered us to take off OUR jumpsuits.

Once I saw who the small, frightened voice was coming from, I knew my assumptions were correct. The little girl didn't look any older than a 9 year old!!! ' poor thing' I thought, ' she has already been kidnapped and she is only about 9!' I huddled close next to her to try to sooth her.

" if you try to run away, or tell anyone that we weren't supposed to have you, you'll be dead in seconds" one of the men growled. There were 5 men. George, Bob, Jon, Max, and Micheal. They sounded like ordinary people, but inside I knew they weren't.

When we got our tickets, I heard Micheal say that all 7 of us were headed to France. After we walked away, I whispered to Micheal" We are going all the way from Tennessee to FRANCE?!" " shut up, kid, or else" he viciously replied and then swiped his hand across his throat signaling him killing me.

I was getting pretty bored with just walking around the Nashville airport, so I decided to talk to the little girl who had also been kidnapped.

" so, what is your name?" I whispered so the guys couldn't hear me. "Lakeland" she whispered back. ' wow' I thought, that's a really cool name. "That's a pretty name, so how old are you?" " eight, almost nine" " OH MY GOSH" I accidentally yelled out loud, which attracted way too much attention.

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