The Family News

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This is my first book so ENJOY!!!

"But mum. Do we have to move out of the country? I love it here!!" Amy cried. Her mum sat down. "I don't really want to go but we have to, for your father. He's done millions of things for us so let's do something do him."Alison replied back.Then they both snuggled up to each other then there was a knock on the door... BANG!BANG!BANG!"I wonder who that can be at this time at night."Alison questioned. Amy shouted her older brother to answer the door because her father was working on nights. DING!DONG!"OK!OK!" Jacob screamed.......
"But you can't do that,we've got two weeks until we leave and even if we did go early, we would have no where to go, no where big enough for the five of us!"Alison demanded. Amy's lip was trembling. Jacob cuddled her and calmed her down."You must be gone by 48 hours otherwise we have nothing else to do but evict you. I am sorry we have viewers coming in on the 13th so everything must be out. I have to go." Alison sighed. "Shall we phone dad and tell him to come home?"Jacob asked. "No,we can do some of it tonight and get your dad to help tomorrow."
"Mum,are you going to wake up because we need to pack and get everything out of the house by tomorrow?"Jacob quietly asked. She yawned. "What time is it?"Alison mumbled whilst pulling the quilt off her side of the bed. "Mum it's 9:30?"Jacob announced. Alison stumbled out of bed, put her dressing gown on and went downstairs. Amy was nearly finished packing her clothes into her suitcase when Jacob walked into her room. "Does dad know yet?"Amy questioned her brother. He hesitated to answer. "Dunno and i really don't want him to just yet because he'll only go ballistic and get angry. And we can't wake him, he's not been in bed that long only what....3 to 4 hours." Jacob mentioned. "Alison could you bring me a drink of water and a paracetamol please?"Charlie shouted. Amy ran into her parents bedroom and cuddled up to her dad." What was that for?"Charlie asked. "Dad we need to tell you something- something that's very very very important but I don't know whether mum would like to tell you. It's very 'confidential'." Amy announced with tears welling up in her eyes."There you go Charles a paracetamol and a glass of water. And I also need tell you something!!" Alison said as she walked through the door. Tears dropped down her rosy red cheeks. "We have to be out of this house by tomorrow, everything - the sofa the fridge.... I just don't know where we are going to go. And what are we going to tell little Jake!!?? Everything is such a great big mess!"Alison moaned."But it doesn't matter really I'll help I'll help you have got to help because we are all one big family!" Charlie replied with a lump in his throat. The same thing happened with Alison and her mum when she was a little girl. She was the same age as Amy-12 years old. They all got out of bed and all started doing their own thing which were packing taking things apart such as the bed and putting all the food in carrier bags. The freezer stuff all went in the same bag whilst the fridge stuff went in the same bag and the cupboard stuff such as things and pasta and biscuits all went in one bag too.


"Thank you so so much mum I don't know how to thank you!! You have always been there for me no matter what and even when I had a family of my own. But it won't be for long, only until I get a house of our own abroad." Alison cried.

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