The Aftermath

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(July 28,2014)

She sits in her room reading their old notes that she kept hidden in a wooden box. She knew she shouldnt be rereading these notes because she knew it would remind her of what happened that year, and thats what happened. As she read she started crying and collapses into a heap of nothingness.

It was about an hour later when she is pulled from her darkness by a knock at the door. Slowly pulling herself up and dragging to the door, she stretches up to look out the peep-hole. She lets out a disgruntled sigh and wipes her face to try to hide her puffy eyes. As she opens the door she cringes at the sun light since shes been in the dark all day. Standing in her door way is her best friend, Cameron.

Cameron looks Sarah and quickly realizes shes been crying and grabs Sarahs hand and pulled her into the house and shuts the door behind her. Standing in the foyer Cameron wraps Sarah into a big hug and then wants answers. "WHAT IN THE FICKING HELL IS WRONG SARAH??",she yells. Sarah looks up and completely unleashes all of her control over her emotions and falls limply into Camerons arms and starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Sarah is unlike many other girls, she has always been the target of bullying. She used to be loud and hyper as a kid due to her ADHD, but as she got older she had gotten shy and very beaultiful, even though she never belived it for herself. She was tall, about 5.9, and had very long legs. She had long wavey brown hair, a fair complexion, and bright green eyes; but today those beautiful green eyes were blood shot and dark grey. This year Sarah was to begin her sophomore year of high school.

Cameron was just as pretty. She was slightly shorter than Sarah, about 5.6, and she has long wavey brown hair, a tanish complexion, and deep brown eyes. And surprisingly these two girls got along even though they were polar opposites. Cameron was very sporty, where as Sarah was not. But these two girls were the best of friends and talked to each other about everything and trusted one another with everything.

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