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She let herself in the house and closed the door, when something that felt like a water balloon hit her.

"Dammit!" she heard her best friends voice coming from behind the couch.

The water balloon had hit her alright,but because of the soft contact with her head, it hadn't burst.

She walked towards the couch, and helped Aaron up, laughing.

"Seriously? You couldn't even hit me with a water balloon?"

" Hey I had hit you,"he said, grumbling."In my defence, I was brutally beat up and knifed remember?"

"Oh right. Are you okay now?"

"Actually, I had lost some blood because the wound was too deep but Dr. Emerson looked after me. I needed a few stitches ." "But I'm fine now", he added quickly after seeing the worried look on Amber's face.

"You needed stitches?"

"Its fine Amber honestly. Besides, your dad asked me to tell you to give me a ride back home."


"I need a ride back home, Amber."

" Right. Okay. I'll get the car."

" Nah its okay. The bike will do just fine.'

"Are you sure?" She asked, a look of concern on her face.
"What about your stitches?"

"Oh I'm sure I'll manage." He said smirking.
"Okay, let's get going then."


(Weekend) ( Amber's P.O.V)

I woke up to the smell of great food.

Ahhhhhhh. Garlic bread.
And then I stopped.
Dad cooked rarely and when he did, it was usually to tell me a big decision he made or just because he was bored.

I highly suspected the former.
I brushed my teeth and went downstairs, expecting the worst.
" 'Morning Dad."
" Good morning! " He said, a little too brightly, I thought. " I was just cooking some breakfast .                I was bored. "

Whoop. No crazy decisions.

He stopped cooking and looked at me.
"Am, I want to talk to you about something."

There it was.

"I have to go away on a medical conference for a few weeks."
"The thing is, I have to leave today ."
"What! Aw dad come on..."
"I'm sorry Hun, it just came up so suddenly and it's very important for me to go as I was not practicing for so long."
"Okay dad. It's fine." Deep down, I felt dejected.

I had just got my father back ! It wasn't fair.

"The thing is ,obviously,I can't leave you all alone here right?"

Of course. Aunt Nellie was going to come.

Not that I had my problem with family, but I didn't like aunt Nellie at all. She was a big pain, didn't clean up after herself and was out partying most of the time, came home drunk, and I was left to clean her vomit laying around before dad came. Ugh. The memory itself makes me want to puke. Honestly, I just didn't understand why Dad didn't just leave me home alone when he went away.

And then my dad said something amazing.

" Aunt Nellie wouldn't be able to come. She's having some liver problems, so you can breathe easy."

          Oh Thank god.

"Your brother is coming to stay for a while.He said that his residency had shifted here and he will be working as a junior cardiac surgeon."


"What!? Dad are you serious?" "Of course Am, why wouldn't I be?" ,my dad said with a smile on his face as he went back to cooking.


I couldn't contain my excitement. He was coming back after so many years !
He had left early from school .He graduated at the age of 16 from high school because he got a double promotion. He got into Harvard medical school right after that and he had been there for the last 6 years. 

Yuh. He was a genius.

Mom's death was harsh on him and he wanted nothing to do with my Dad because of his erratic behavior. So he studied as hard as he could, and just left. He used to call me often , but for the last 2 years i hadn't heard from him. So obviously, this was a huge deal for me.

"When is he coming?"

"I don't know Am, probably tomorrow as he told me he was halfway here." " I'm leaving in the afternoon because I have a flight to catch by 7. So don't burn down the house in the time your brother takes to come here."

"You know I won't Dad."

"K Hun. Breakfast will be ready soon and  after that I'll be in my  room packing if you need me."

I went back upstairs feeling great.

My brother was coming back.


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