I held my breath and leaned as away from him as I could

That didn't stop him though..

I was aware that the pupils of my eyes had widened so much, that my vision felt a little bit blurred out.

I couldn't stop my hands from shaking, as I tried making my mind focus on the situation. Think Katherine, Think!

His cold and disgusting face was now inches away from mine and I felt my kneels grow weak. I couldn't think anymore. I knew for a fact what was coming.. "NO! Stop!" I couldn't contain my self from screaming these words.

His fascial expression turned to a stone-like one. His tone held no emotion as he said "So you want it to be with the hard way, huh?"

I heard my heart skip a beat, tears suddenly starting to form in the corners of my eyes

"N-no, p-please d-don't" I chocked out, stuttering.

"Then will you be a good girl and obey my orders?" I felt my throat go dry. I felt like I had lost the ability to speak.. I squeezed my eyes shut and forced a painful nod

He grinned "Good girl.." He said and patted my head "Now, undress" He said blankly and looked in my eyes, his already turning to those full of lust. I gulped and hesitantly obeyed him-terrified of what would happen if I didn't-

I tried unbuttoning my shirt with my non-stop trembling hands as my gaze reached the floor. I removed it from my body, leaving me in only my bra and went for my pants when-

"Jerry, You fucking son of a bitch, I told him what you said and Niall bloody punched m-" Someone suddenly burst through the door and started yelling. "For lords fuck, don't tell me your a pedo or something, Jer"

I tilted my head to the voice and saw none other that, Harry. He looked socked. Wow, so even he can be socked, huh? Nevertheless, I think he just kind of...saved me

But then was when I remembered that I was still only in my bra and there was a freaking-that's not a swear.. but even if it is... he deserves it- sexual harasser standing not even two meters ahead of me.

I hesitantly brought my eyes to look at him and all I saw was complete hatred and venom seeping out of his gaze... I froze in my spot. What should I do? I can't just stand here! So, before anyone had their chance to say anything, I grabbed my shirt and made my way out of the building in an incredibly fast pace.

I didn't look back... I didn't  want to...

As I had reached some distance away from that building, my pace of running stared to lessen. I looked at my surroundings and noticed that some guys were looking intensely at my exposed chest. Ugh! I forgot we were in Army and all of the guys here were...let's just say se$#* fr⅞#@. You can guess the words -.

I started to panic for the second time today, and started running, yet again...

I struggled to put on my shirt while running, action which lead to bumping into someone. When I was done with putting my shirt on, I looked at the guy and realized that his face seemed familiar.

Oh wait! He is that guy who had told me where the restaurant was... I had also said a couple of bad words to him... oh well, who cares!

"Mh, Sorry, didn't see you there.. As I was too busy trying to put my-for god's sake-shirt on! Which, by the way, your stupid supervisor ordered me to do so!" I said angrily. Poor guy... so far, whenever I see him, I always put all my anger out on him... "right, um, sorry... I'm Katherine?" I half stated, half asked

He, surprisingly, gave me a reassurance smile as he said "I'm Niall, nice to. Um, meet you" he said and shook my hand. Oh, so he is that Niall, Harry previously mentioned to the super-pedo (>see what I did there? XD) ...I didn't get why he looked so hesitant when he said 'nice to meet you' though... maybe he thinks that we've already met since he helped me find the restaurant last time? or does he simply think I'm rude?-which he would totally be justified to-

"Anyways, can you please tell me where tent N.14 is?" Haha.. there he is, helping me go somewhere again...

"Yeah, just turn right to that tree and you'll see it.." He said and scratched the back of his neck. I told him thanks and rushed to my tent

Everyone was apparently sleeping-as well as Harry- so I quickly typed a text to my dad

'Hey, dad um... I don't mean to upset you but our supervisor tried to...do something bad to me.. But, I guess he didn't because a guy came to the room.. call me tomorrow, Love you, bye XX'

What? No! That will obviously upset him... I deleted the whole text and decided to just talk to him tomorrow about it...

I closed my phone, walked to my bed and closed my eyes in an attempt to get some sleep...

But I couldn't.

All I could think about was what would have happened if Harry didn't crush into that room by chance...

I closed my eyes tightly at the though and bit my lip..

C'mon, Katherine, you can do this... there are only 10 days left until you can see Drake again..

I sighed deeply.. and checked the time on my phone. '00:34' was what it said and I decided to let go of all my tension and just try to get some sleep...

And so I did..

But there was still one thing in my mind that couldn't just seem to fade... One question I just couldn't dodge...

..Why did Harry come at Jerry's office after 10 o'clock..?


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