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You have been in your garage for hours on end working on your own animatronic out of 4 you see you somehow convinced your friends to change them self into animatronics along with you...you still didn't know how you were going to do it but you have an idea of how you could stuff your selves into the animatronic and see what happens but how would you stuff your self it takes a lot of force, maybe one of your friends could do it then you could stuff them in your animatronic form then again you could just die in there and not possess the animatronic but I was worth a shot
~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~
So your friends were over and you were in your garage giving them their animatronics you were standing in front of your animatronic named twilight 2.0 while you let your friends decide who they wanted and after many arguments in the end you best friend (F/N) had Gear 0.1, (2F/N) had Anchor 0.3, (3F/N) had Black Heart 1.0
"Ok guys I need one of you to stuff me into Twilight 2.0 so I can get you guys into your suits" you say looking at all of them until (2F/N) steps forward "ok I guess I'll do it" she says "ok (2F/N) you need to make sure that I am all the way in the suit and I don't want you to stop until I'm completely in there no matter how much I scream how much I cry or how much I say I change my mind you don't stop till I'm all the way in cuz i hope you know that you will die after your in cuz these suits army made to hold a living person inside them" you say as you take Twilight 2.0's head off, everybody was silent "o-ok (Y/N) lets get this over with" she said after you got your legs down in the suit "you ready?" (2F/N) asked "yes Anchor 0.3 I am" you said as she puts her hands on your shoulders getting ready to push you in with all her might "well here we go..." she said before shoving you with all her strength
~~~~~mini time skip~~~~~~~~~~~
It was by far the worst pain you have ever felt in you entire life you could practically hear your bones grinding together and hear you muscles and flesh being ripped apart by sharp edges on the suit you were cry and screaming for your life for her to stop but she just did what she was told and kept going until you were completely in the suit and after you were she put the head back on and waited, in the suit you were feeling so much pain it was unbearable but after a few minutes you were completely consumed in darkness you were in a never ending loop in which you could not escape after what seemed like hours of running from darkness you open your eyes to see a what was like a robot like vision you looked around and saw your 3 people who you identified as you friends 'am i dead' you thought as your ears and tail twitch 'wait...ears,tail....omg... I'm Twilight 2.0 I did it I'm an animatronic' you thought "I-I-its ok guys I'm o-o-ok unfortunately for my h-h-human self is now dead so now it's your turns to get your n-n-new beginning" you say and your friends nod in respond
~~~~~~another mini time skip~~~~~
After all of the animatronics were activated and possessed by your now dead human friends it was time to have some fun " I-I-is everyone o-o-ok?" you ask your animatronic friends "ye-yes t-t-Twilight 2.0 w-were ok" Gear 0.1 says "w-w-why is our voices s-s-so glitchy?" Black Heart 1.0 asks "I-it's because the voice box is in the chest area and when we w-w-were stuffed in here it was roughly moved around and messed it up" Gear 0.1 says "w-w-wow how do I-I-I know all that?" She asked "I made Gear 0.1 the animatronic repair and service expert so I downloaded everything about animatronics in you d-d-d-data b-base so you know everything about them" you say "c-c-cool" Gear says "s-so w-what now Twilight 2.0?" Anchor 0.3 asks "n-n-n-now we go to Freddy Fazbears pizzeria and give them all a little scare"you with a evil look in your red glowing eyes "y-ya I figured that b-b-but how do we get there exactly" Gear asks "I sent them a piece of paper that says free animatronics at (Y/A) (your address) in the garage and if I'm r-r-right they will be here any minute so get ready to be put in crates and shipped to the pizzeria oh and in t-t-those boxes over there are our attachments" you say as you point towards 4 boxes behind them "attachments?" Anchor asks "yes we our animatronics have special attachments called wings that we screw to our backs th-there supposed to be attached to our endoskeletons but they would have to attach them manually" Gear says them you all hear the garage door open to see a couple of moving guys and your manager "oh hello sorry I didn't expect to see you guys on so are you the free animatronics?" Your manager asks "y-y-yes" you say "I'm Twilight 2.0 and these are my friends Gear 0.1, Anchor 0.3, and Black Heart 1.0"you say gesturing towards them "it's nice to meet you all I'm Mr.Fazbear and I hope we will be the best of friends and i surly hope you will get along with the other animatronics" he said as the shipping guys began to get the crates ready "ok so do you guys have any genders" Mr.Fazbear asked "y-y-yes we're all girls" Gear says "oh good you'll fit right in with all the boys but don't worry there's one girl among them" he says "so what I'm going to have you do is shut yourselves down and we will get you in the crates and ship you over to the pizzeria" he said as my friends shutdown then I follow in suit as I shut down but before I do I tell him about our attachments then I shutdown It sorta felt like going to sleep ' I hope Freedy will accept us into his little family' I thought before I was consumed in darkness once more....
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~

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