chapters 1

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Raelyn POV

Here I sit in my rocking chair in Melvin's old baby room just wishing he was here

I been depressed since then Keisha and August still talk to me but when they do I'm

Always in here crying August has been focused on his singing career

Keisha has been modeling and even dates da rapper Tyga but she still loves Chris deep down

August POV

I'm in the studio working on a new song

I know how it be when ur trying ya best

But u turn around and u got nun to show for it

Y'all know how DAT song go anyway after DAT I decided to go see Raelyn like I

always do ever since....u kno happen she been depressed lately





I open her door and walk in she wasn't in there she must be in the baby room I walk

in da baby room and she was sitting there like she always does with Keisha

Keisha: heyy

August: Hayy

Keisha: I'm gonna go

She said getting up and leaving

Raelyn: its my fault I should've never gotten in da car Melvin would still be here

August: Raelyn its not your fault

I said hugging her while she cried

August: its OK







I wake up in Raelyn bed to hear singing from the balcony I walk to it to see Raelyn sing my everything by Ariana grande

Raelyn: you are you are you are my everything

I wrapped my arms around her and started singing with her

Both: you weren't my everything til we were nothing you are you are you are my everything

Then she turned to me and kissed me then pulled away and laid her head on my shoulder

August: its OK

Raelyn: ily August

August: ily 2

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