A Year Later

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It's been over a year since I last saw her. That weekend I spent the night at her sisters house, my best friend, was the first and last time I saw Krystal. The thought of her ran through my mind for what has seamed like an eternity. Constantly remembering the way her lips where full, the longing to lay my lips over hers. The longing to feel my skin touching hers. Nicole stop! You're taken, remember? BY A GUY! I thought to myself. You can't keep thinking this while you're with Will. I will admit... Over the course of the year I had been in a quite a few relationships, but I could never keep her out of my head to more then a second. It was just something about her that captivated me. Was it the way she looked at me? The way she acted so shy when she noticed me there? I have no idea. One thing was for sure. That was that I had fallen for her then. I'm so glad Will can accept my and still lets me have my fun and keep my relationship with him. If I wasn't so scared to leave him I would have by now. It's not that he's abusive, it's that I'm worried that he'll hurt himself. I love him, I do, just not the way he wants me to. I am a lesbian. That's who I am.

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