Chapter 3

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"W-what do you mean?" I said taking a deep breath.
"We have been waiting for you, exactly that" blue mask guy said.
"Why though?"
"We don't know why now let's go!" One with a white hoodie yelled.
I stared at him, he had his hood over his face so I couldn't see his face, he had a raspy voice though. "Follow us" the link one said.
"Why? Where are we going? Who are you guys?"
"I'm Eyeless Jack, but most people call me EJ, that's Ben and the one over there walking away from us is Jeff. Just follow us we won't hurt you."
I slowly nodded and followed them thru the woods. Why am I trusting the things that are in my nightmares? I should just run back to my house and tell my mom about them, but my legs have a mind of there own I guess they won't stop moving me forward. The deeper into the woods we get it gets darker, I look around to try to figure out were I'm at or where their taking me. That's when I see it, the mansion in my dream, I knew it was real. EJ turns around and looks at me, "look familiar?"
I nodded, he opens the door and tells me to come inside. I hesitate before walking up the steps and going in. I stayed by the door not really wanting to go in. I mean how can I trust them? They've been in my nightmares since I was 9, Now they want me to follow them and to trust them that they won't hurt me.. I don't think I can trust them that easy. I have so many questions to ask them but I think it's best to not ask yet. All of a sudden I hear static in my head, I plug my ears and fall to my knees. The noise was so loud but it seems that I'm the only one that can hear it, the noise stops and it was an instant relief. I slowly stood up and saw the man that's always in my dreams, the man with no face and wore all black. "Hello Violet. I've been expecting you." He stated.
"I kinda assumed that..what do you want from me? I didn't do anything..." I whispered. He just stared at me. "Who are you?" I asked looking at the floor.
"My name is Slenderman, you already met Eyeless Jack, Ben, and Jeff. There's a lot more to meet and it will take time for you to get used to everything here but-"
"What do you mean take time?! I'm not living here! I live with my mom and brother." I cut him off.
I'm not leaving my mother and brother behind for them.. He just stared at me then said "well Violet you have to live here, there's not another option, you will end up getting hurt if you leave. Trust me I dislike humans and I could care less if you left but I can not let you leave." He stated being completely serious. "You will share a room with Jeff for now until I figure out what room to give you. Tomorrow I'll have Eyeless Jack give you a tour of the mansion so you know where everything is." And with that he disappeared out of the room. A clown person walked up to me "hey little girl want some candy?"
I gulped and took a step back "LJ leave her alone. Slender said not to hurt her or kill her" EJ said walking up behind me.
So I'm assuming the clowns name is LJ whatever that means. I looked at EJ "I'm going outside, I need air."
He nodded and I walked outside. Time to find a way home now. I walked around the mansion at first because I'm being watched. I got to the back of the mansion and leaned against a tree, I never knew how big this place really was. Out of no where a dog like thing jumped out and tackled me to the ground. I struggled to try to push the dog off of me. "Get off of me!!!!" I yelled even tho I knew he wouldn't. He growled in my face "Smile dog get off her!" BEN yelled walking over to us.
The dog I'm assuming is Smile dog gets off of me and walks to BEN. I looked at Smile dog and he had a human smile! It was like a huge grin. What is with this place?! I looked at both of them confused. BEN caught me looking at him "what are you looking at?"
I looked at the ground and stood up. I felt dizzy but started walking anyway. "Wait Violet. Your bleeding." BEN said running to me.
Then everything went black.

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