Just the beginning

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Alexxus' POV
"Hey guys, lets ask if we can have lunch in Mrs.Destrempes room." Amanda said walking in to the cafeteria.
"Ok, she must think we are the mostest annoying people in the world." I said
"It is most annoying people in the world." Julie corrected me.
"Whatever Mrs. Renolds." I laughed.
Well you'll find out what it means later. But that's pretty much how this all started and my life turns upside down from there.
"Mrs. Destrempes can we have lunch with you." Rhiannon asked.
"Sure," Mrs. Destrempe agreed.

Before we move on anymore let me tell you a little bit about my life. Well I am 18 and to some people I am really tall. I have hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair. My friend Julie is 19 and is average height. She has dark brown hair that goes below her shoulders and green/blue/ brown eyes. My friend Rhiannon is 19 and is tall. She also has long brown hair and hazel eyes. Lastly there is Amanda she is 19 and is average for her height. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. So those are my crazy friends, I don't have a lot of them.

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