Part 5

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You decided to walk home because you had nothing better to do. You were walking when a big black van pulled up and a tall boy got out. You didn't know him so you kept walking. You heard footsteps behind you and you looked at your shadow and saw his hand reaching out for you. You screamed and ran as fast as you could, you heard him running behind you. You were terrified and didn't know what to do so you took out your phone and you nearly dropped it when you heard a cars engine staring you looked back knowing you would regret it and saw him in the car. You quickly ran and went into your contact list and saw Hazz as the first name. You rang Harry and he answered, "Y/n please stop calling me I don't want to tal-" Harry please help me!" You screamed into the phone. "What do you mean?!" He answered worried. "There's a boy chasing me I'm running, he's in a car, please im scared." "I'm coming where are you?" He asked. "Outside McDonalds." "On my way."he said and hung up. The boy got out of the car and you were at a wall. He walked up to you and he was about to take a step forward but a Range Rover pulled up and Harry jumped out and hit the boy in the face and then he shoved him into the wall and smashed his nose off the corner. The boy ran away. Harry turned around and walked up to you. You didn't know what he was going to do but he just hugged you tight. "Your wearing the promise ring still." he said. "Just because you went with Kendall doesn't mean I don't still promise to love you." you said your eyes stinging with tears. "Im really sorry,please I know you can't take me back but please forgive me baby." he said crying. "Do you..... still love me?" You asked. He looked shocked "Then I did" you were upset. "then I did, now I do, I always will." he answered. "Harry we make mistakes, Kendall was yours and leaving you was mine. I kept the promise ring so I'm still promising to love you, will you take me back?" You asked knowing the answer. He kissed you and said."Yea, lets go away from here, home, our home." He said smiling.

That's the end of this imagine😊 hope you enjoyed

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