Knock 'em Dead

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"I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of school!", I squealed to my BFF Jessica.
"I know right! It's gonna be like, tots fabulicious!" Jessica squealed back.
"And best of all! Who know who will be there!"
"I know! He's, like, adorbs!"
"Hey!", I snapped over the phone, "Brandon is mine!"
"OMG! Sups sorry Mackenzie!" Jessica innocently replied. That girl can be so dumb.
"Anyway, I gotta go take Fifi outside to do....doggie business." I said.
"Ewww, GROSS! Kk, see ya Z!"
I honestly couldn't wait for tomorrow! And I couldn't wait for Brandon, he's sooooo cute! "Mackenzie! When can I take Fifi outside?!" My little bratty sister whined. "Amanda", my mom answered from the kitchen, "your too young! You can start taking Fifi outside alone when your Mackenzie's age."
As I said earlier, I can NOT wait for tomorrow.

Suddenly, my dad called my name. "Mackenzie?!"
"Yes Daddy?!"
"Come! I have a surprise for you!"
I ran up the stairs with curiosity.
"Yeh, Dad?"
"Because it's a new school year and all...."
"Yes dad...."
"I bought you the new Juicy Couture SmartPhone! With unlimited streaming, calling, and texting!"
I was ecstatic!
"Thanks dad! Everyone in school is gonna be super jealous when they see it!"
"Knock 'em dead tomorrow sweetie!"
Oh, I'll knock them dead. All of them.

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