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Long time ago,
A mystery was solved, 
By the people above.

To whom will he belong ?
To whom will she belong ?
With whom, who will end up ?
All was discussed in the name of love. 

Whose broken heart he will fix ?
Whose emptiness will she fill ?
How souls will realize,
How lonely they were ?
How all the heart's teasured secrets will spill ?

Eyes were narrowed,
Frowns were frequent visitors.
Tears were spilled,
Soon after accompanied by smiles.
Sure, "happily-ever-after"s were written,
But what would happen in-between,
They had to go a little deeper. 

They got scared.
Some objected. 
Would it be too much ?
Will she be able to take it ?

Then answer was presented by people wiser.
Of course, "the test would be hard," they said
"But the lesson learned
Would be far greater," they also said.  

You are foolish to think,
Meeting of two people; conjoining of two hearts
Is nothing but a mere co-incidence.

How little do you know ?
How much effort was put.
How love don't just "happen."

It's a tale instead,
Written carefully.
Like the tender hearts are supposed to be handled.
Where passion is the climax,
And the end, happiness. 

So like they say,
If it's not happy, it's not the end. 
So, even if it hurts, even if it kills,
Please, just a little longer, stay.

Because it's all worth the wait. 


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