Day 1

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"Where's the drugs, Martinez?" I asked strickly, wanting a response. "I ain't telling you shit until I get a lawyer,"  Juan replied. I have to admit, for a drug dealing murderer, he was pretty hot. He was about 6'2", extremely well built, had lots of tattoos, and simply looked adorable in his NEFF beanie.  "Look," I began,  "If you can't tell me where the rest of the cocaine is, I can't help you when the drug lord comes for you". He looked up into my eyes, the fear shining brighter than the sunlight did. "Detective Johnson, I think that's enough for today," Captain Norwood said. She was a nice person, but I didn't with agree her. I only stopped because she had the choice of whether I kept my job or not. I got up and made my way towards the break room, needing my 3 o'clock coffee. He has to know where the drugs are, I thought to myself.  The sweet aroma  of my coffee made me smile. I sat back down at my desk, thinking about the case. I've been stuck on it for about 2 months now,and usually the Captain would've assigned it to someone else by now, but I guess she trusts me to find her son's murderer. After everything this far,  I've  come to the conclusion that the drug lord is unknown,  Juan is the dealer, and Micheal was another dealer. I don't know what gender the drug lord is, so I can't even begin to wonder where he/she is. Juan is the suspect for the murder of Micheal Norwood, the Captain's son. Who would've guessed that the Captains son was a dealer.

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