Chapter 7

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I am awaken by the loud sound of my ringtone. "Who's calling in the middle of the night?" Nick groans. I look at the phone and answers. "Simon, apparently." I tap the green button and bring the phone to my ear.
"Hello Simon." I say, trying to sound as nice as possible when in reality I'm really annoyed that he's calling me at three A.M.
"Get down to my office, NOW." He growls, obviously annoyed by something.
"It's three in the morning.(A/N: and I'm stuck in a nest of jews. I just couldn't resist writing it.) Why can't I come down in the morning?" I ask.
"It's important, and I need you to delete your last tweet on your way here." He tells me and hangs up. At this moment I regret getting my memory back. I don't remember everything though. I remember small parts and Simon is one of them.

Nick taps me on the shoulder. "What'd he want?" He asks while stroking my shoulder gently.
"He wants me to come down to his office. Now." I tell him with a sigh. "Wow, that man is desperate. You want me to come with you?" He asks, using two fingers to lift my chin up so I'm looking him in the eyes. "Nah. You stay here and get some more sleep. I don't think he'll keep me there for too long." I tell him. I place a soft kiss on his lips before getting up to get dressed.

I open the glass doors to Simon's office. He has a frown plastered on his face. I sit down in the chair opposite of his and look at him.
"Hello Harry." He says and I give him a nod in response.
"Did you delete the tweet as I asked you to?" He asks me and I shake my head. Shit, that totally slipped my mind.
"Then do it. Now." He tells me impatiently. I delete the tweet as fast as possible before putting my phone back on the desk in front of me. Simon speaks again.
"Let me ask you something. What went through your mind when you decided to come out without mine or management's approval?" He looks me directly in the eyes, his eyes full of disappointment.
"I don't know, I didn't think it'd matter. Nick wanted us to come out so I thought, why not?" I tell him. He shakes his head and uses his right hand to drag his glasses from his nose to the top of his head as he leans back into the chair.
"That's not how things work in this business. You can't just run around thinking you can do whatever you want. You need to be careful." He sighs before continuing. "If you haven my noticed, Twitter is blowing up. All the teenage girls are going crazy. We need to put an end to this. You are not allowed to see Nick anymore and you're going to start dating a girl." I frown.
"What did you just say?" I ask.
"You heard me." He huffs. "You can't do this to me." I yell.
"It says clearly in the contract you signed when you started your career that Syco and Modest! Has the right to decide who you should be dating. My decision is final." He tells me with a calm but at the same time rough voice. I know there's no idea to go against him more, he'll just get angrier and do something worse to me. I just hope the girl isn't too bad.
I sigh. "So, who's the girl?" I ask him. Not sounding too enthusiastic.
"Her name's Jenna. She's an actor and former model." He says and I immediately know who she is. She's got one of the bigger roles in one of my favorite show. She's very good. I let out a sigh of relief knowing that I don't have to date some freak. "She's on her way right now and you'll be spending the night with her at the hotel." I widen my eyes in shock. Simon lets out a small laugh. "I know what you're thinking and no, you're not going to have sex with her. You won't even share a bed. We just want the media to see you two arriving at night and leaving together in the morning." He says.
"You know I still hate the idea, right? Am I not allowed to see Nick at all or can I see him in private?" I ask, far from convinced that this is a good idea.
"I would rather you two not seeing each other at all but since I know you'll sneak out anyways and probably get caught by press in the process I'm gonna let you see him every once in a while. But ONLY in private with security, and Jenna has to be with you in case you get caught." He tells me and I immediately wish I wasn't involved in this business to begin with. Is it even legal to treat us like this? To not let us be who we are. I can't be myself and I'm starting to feel frightened, what if I never can be myself? What if I won't ever be able to take Nick out on a real date, or any other guy for that matter. And the worst part is, I don't have the slightest bit of understanding to why they're treating us like this. I thought this generation accepts people for who they are, yet they keep us boxed in and then don't understand why we feel like we don't fit in.

I'm so caught up in my own thoughts that I don't notice someone coming into the room. Simon snaps his fingers in front of me to get my attention.
"What?" I ask.
"Jenna is here to see you." He says and points towards the door

A/N: I feel like this chapter turned out pretty short but I wanted it to end this way. A bit of a cliffhanger. I hope you liked this chapter and I know I promised to introduce you to a knew character in this chapter which I kind of did but you will meet her properly in two chapters.

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