Chapter 1

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New Girl in Town - Supernatural (Dean x Reader)

Their POV

"Sam, did you find us a case yet?" "Not yet Dean." The two brothers are sitting in a hotel room. Sam is surfing the web while Dean is eating pie. After thirty minutes have passed, Sam had something. "Hey, Dean?" "Yeah, Sam?" "Are you up for a vampire case?" "Let's do this thing." Said Dean grabbing his leather jacket and pie while heading towards the car. The two packed up and were on their way to Ohio. "So what are we dealing with?" asked Dean. "Three deaths, all of the victims have bite marks on the neck, all were found in the same field and all the victims were females with crazy hair." Dean gave Sam a funny look. "What do you mean crazy hair?" "I mean the victims all had color or highlights in their hair." "Looks like our vampire has a taste for rocking girls." Then in a few hours they were in Ohio.

Once the two got a hotel room, they started to talk about the case. "So, what do all the victims have in common?" asked Dean as soon as he plopped down on the bed. Sam with his computer at the table said "Well they all went to a bar called Bloody Marys." Dean sat up "That must be a vampire hangout." "Yep, we should go tonight." said Sam. "How about tomorrow night?" asked Dean. "Why?" "Because I am tired and I want some sleep." and with that Dean was out like a light. Sam put his computer away and went to sleep. Dean was the first one to wake up. He was hungry so he went out to get pie. When he came back Sam was already awake. "Did you bring me some pie?" "Maybe." With this Dean threw a box a pie at Sam. "So when are we going to the Vamp bar?" asked Dean. "At nine." "Sounds good to me."

Time went by pretty fast and then it was nine. Sam and Dean jumped in the Chevy Impala and headed to the bar. The two got out with weapons hidden in there coats and walked in. The bar seemed pretty empty. Only about ten people were there. Once the brothers walked in everyone looked at them, and then went back to their conversations. They got a seat at the bar and ordered two whiskeys. "So what do we do now?" "We wait for some girl with dye in her hair to come in, and then when she leaves we follow her." "Sounds like a plan." About thirty minutes went by and a loud motorcycle sound came from outside. The biker came in with their helmet then took it off. It was a girl with (H/C and H/L). She had one (color of highlight) in her hair and (S/C) skin. This girl had a red tank on with a leather jacket, skinny jeans and high heeled boots.

You're POV

Then you looked at the bar and saw two guys you've never seen before. One man was really tall and with brown hair with brown eyes with a grey shirt, coat, and jeans on. The other gentleman had a leather jacket on with jeans with brown hair and green eyes that could freeze anyone where they stood. "And hey boys." you said while walking over to the bar. "This seat taken?" "No." said the two boys at the same time. You smiled to myself and sat down. "One whiskey, please Jess." The bartender brought me the drink. "Thanks." "No prob, (nickname)." With one quick swig of your drink you turned to the two men. "So what are you boys doing in these parts of Ohio?" "Just passing through." Said Sam. "Well isn't that nice, you guys are brothers right?" Sam and Dean looked at each other. "Did I say something wrong?" "No you're just the first person that ever said we are brothers. Most people think we're gay." said Dean. You giggled "Well to me it's very clear. You guys look alike just a little bit." "Not really." Said the two. With one last sip of your drink I was heading out. "See you around boys." And with that you left.

Their POV

"Think that's going to be our next victim?" asked Sam. "I sure hope so she is hot." Said Dean. Sam and Dean got into the Impala and followed her. A few minutes later "Damn we lost her." Said Dean. "Maybe we should turn around." said Sam. However something happened and the Impala shut down. "Not now baby." Sam and Dean got out the car to see what the problem was. Dean checked the wiring and Sam checked the back. "I think I know the problem." said Dean. "What?" "Someone put a remote control deactivator in my baby." "That sucks." Just then three vampires came out of nowhere and knocked Sam and Dean unconscious. When Sam and Dean woke up they were in a warehouse. "Must vamps choose creepy places such as warehouses?" asked Dean. "Yes it keeps the mood right." Said a the vampire leader. "I am Clary and you are Sam and Dean Winchester." "In the flesh." The two said at the same time. "Not for long if you don't tell me where the girl is." "Why do you want her?" asked Sam. "I need her to join my nest. All the other girls refused so I killed them. So last chance where is she?" "Well hate to break it to you but we don't know where that rocking chick is" said Dean. "That's too bad. Girls can you show these men out permanently?" "Yes, Queen." And her vampire minions started walking towards them.


Just then the door was kicked open. "Rockin Girl?" Sam and Dean said at the same time. "Howdy, new boys. Hey vamps, I think your looking for me." And with that you took out your whip. "What, you'll kill us with a whip, catwoman?" asked Clary. "This is not an ordinary whip babe; this whip is going to kick you vampire ass." With that your whip opened up and silver razors came out. You took a swing at the first vampire you saw and it cut off her head and blood squirted everywhere. Sam and Dean's mouths were open. "Get HER!" cried Clary and all the vampires were running toward you. With another swing you took off three more heads and once again blood painted the walls. You threw a silver stack at the queen in the head she went down. The last vampire came up on you from behind but you clicked your shoes together and blades came out the bottom. You threw your right leg up and got the vamp in the head with your silver boot knife and she fell back. In the end your whole outfit was covered in blood. Luckily you did not get blood in your mouth. You put the knifes back in your shoes, then put your whip around your wrist and walked over to the boys. "You just took out a whole nest of vampires." said Sam. "So, you act so surprised, Sam and Dean Winchester." "And how do you know us?" asked Dean. "What hunter doesn't know the famous Winchester Boys?" "Answering a question with a question, Nice." Said Sam "Thank you." And with that you took out your pocket knife from your boot and cut the boys loose. "So rockin girl is a hunter?" asked Dean. "My names not Rockin Girl it's (F/N)." Sam eyes went wide "Are you (F/N)? (F/N) (L/N), the top female hunter in the world?" "The one and only." you said. "Wow, I heard other hunters talk about you. They said that you are pretty. But now that I see you up close your beautiful." said Dean. You felt a blush coming on but you held it together. "Well thank you for the compliment Dean." you looked at the boys and saw that they were tired. "Well you guys look tired so why don't you guys come to my house and stay the night?" you asked. "We just met and your already inviting me to spend the night at your home. Moving a little fast aren't we?" asked Dean with a smirk on his face. You were about to comment when Sam stepped in. "That would be great thank you." "Well come on, I already removed the deactivator from your car so you can drive again. Let's see if you can keep up." and with that you walked out.

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