The Making of Land

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When the beings had defined and separated themselves from the eternal heavens, they created the land. They formed the land from the dust of stars and the wind from above. It was flat and endless and dark, save for the starlight. The land was barren for many years, until a certainty that there could be more then just the endless plain sunk into Drisnôk. He spoke with Fajr and said: "For much time since we were formed there existed nothing, no consciousness but that which we hold in our minds. I feel power inside me that would allow me to make things, many things to live on the land and serve under us. I wish to make these things."
And Fajr said, "Hold thy impulses, brother. How should we know that these creatures would not displace us as rulers of the heavens? It is best to leave such as it is."
Drisnôk agreed, but you g as he was in those days he felt in him a growing distaste for his brother. He felt that Fajr's fear was a hunger for his newfound power, and so in defiance he went and shaped his creatures from the fiery molten currents under the earth. So filled with anger was he, that the things he wrought had hard, metal shells and fire that burned in their eyes. They had four wings that could carry them above the ground and hard, taloned claws. He was glad at what he had wrought, and set his new children upon the flat ground. They lived well for a while, but then began to fight. Their claws gouged out the ground and their beating wings threw dust into the air. Where they died the ground melted and rose over their bodies, making mountains in their shapes. The clamour from them was such that the other gods noticed, an they became very angry. "Look at what thy creatures are doing!" They told Drisnôk. "They are destroying the land.
"No!" He replied, "Can't you see? The things that they make hold beauty too. The deep canyons and soaring mountains are marvels!"
Sylnav and Eursa saw that it was good, but they could not convince Fajr, and he swore that until all of Drisnôk's creatures were dead he would not speak to his brother again.

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