Hi everyone!

I'm a proud FILIPINO!!

English is not my mother tongue so excuse my wrong grammar or spelling! (I'm doing my best to improve my shit English! :})

I'm weird.

Socially awkward (I'm not really but there are times)

I love BOOKS! (The only e-book stories I read are stories in Wattpad, other than that, I hate e-book).

Below are the stories that I done or currently working on;

~*~ Complete Story ~
- Teach Me Real Love
- In Love with Mr Ghost
- Hidden Truth
- Destined
- Twisted Fate
- Countryside Love
- Secret Marriage

~*~ Complete Short Story ~
- Christmas Memory
- Red Rose
- Secret Admirer
- The Chase (Secret Marriage Sequel)

~*~ On Hold ~*~
- The Dragon's Key

~*~ On Going Story ~*~
- The Good in Goodbye

~*~ Coming Soon ~*~
- Just Normal
- Project Alice
- [No Title Yet]
- [No Title Yet]

~*~ Removed ~*~
- He Said He's Gay! (Original draft)
- The Popular Outcast (Original draft)
- The Dragon's Key (original draft)

Ask question below my comment section if you want to know more!
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The Good in Goodbye

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Description: "One of the hardest lesson in life is LETTING GO. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go."

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The Dragon's Key [On Hold]

The Dragon's Key [On Hold]

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What would you do when the things you thought you knew was all a lie? The life you were living was noth...

Collection of Short Stories

Collection of Short Stories

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This is going to be a folder where I'm going to post all my short stories from now on. >.<

Secret Marriage

Secret Marriage

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Countryside Love

Countryside Love

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xxNessa21xx commented on Hidden Truth - Prologue

I got up off the bed with a heavy sigh and stood in front of the mirror. A girl with curly long jet black hair with baby blue eyes stared straight at me. She have straight nose but not pointy or big...
The reason why she thinks she is ugly is because people bullied her so she started to believe their words. Words are much hasher than physical bullying and this is a little message of how we treat others and what effect it does.
xxNessa21xx commented on Hidden Truth - Prologue

Sometimes we bullied the pretty shy girls because of jealousy. Not all pretty girls become popular. Her character represent those girls who are pretty but still get bully because of their looks.