"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

My username comes from the words of wisdom by the 19th century lunatic Mr William Herondale who is a character in the 'Infernal Devices' trilogy by Cassandra Clare.  

Maggie is my real life nickname. I'm using it here because I always wanted to use a pretentious phrase like nom de plume and the opportunity was too good to pass up. 

I'm dyslexic. I started writing as a challenge to myself and to get the voices in my head to shut up. The jury's still out. 

I'm a twin. I think my sister is the evil one but most disagree. I've found hitting them doesn't help my cause. 

I critique. I don't claim to be an expert but years of being an extremely picky reader has given me insight into what makes a good story. If you want feedback just PM me - any requests on my message board will be ignored/ deleted/ responded to rudely (depends on my mood). The stories must have decent grammar and have been proof-read. I'm not saying it has to be perfect but it is unfair for you to ask me to read something you cannot be bothered to read yourself. Also, nothing with stupid titles.
I reserve the right to decline the request. 

I make all my covers myself but the images that I use to make them belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement was intended.  

Some awesome people I met on this site that inspire me to write every day: 
@DarlingDevil @PhantasiaAeryn @WendyWrites @LaDameBlanche @PrettyDanish @LivingDeadGirlxox @NicoletteAndrews @AuRevoirSimone @saturn137 @NightRose154 @AlysArden @ddgbooks @dramali
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A Captain's Heart

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Description: When Hailen has to escort Clarion and Sorra across the country, Kaylin wants to accompany them. But Kaylin is hiding a secret that could threaten not just her life, but the lives of those she loves. When Kaylin is kidnapped, Hailen must chose betw...

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NeverTrustaDuck commented on A Captain's Heart - Chapter 4

How can you forget that simply typing the word K-I-L-L flags the comment as offensive. I mean everyone knows the K-word is offensive. Honestly, I'm disappointed that you couldn't make the threat more original. You should have said every time you survive someone coming at you with a knife, you only get stronger. That would have worked so much better.